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Fitness Videos … The Choices are Endless

In America today, everybody wants to trim down, get fit … and stay that way. It’s been like that for years now. If you can’t make it to the yoga studio you should consider watching and exercising with a fitness video from the comfort of your own home.  You can turn on your television just about any day or evening and see an Infomercial (fitness video) extolling the virtues of any one of seemingly dozens of different types of workout regimens.

It wasn’t always like that, of course. There was a time in the United States when the majority of Americans were content to carry a little extra weight, to eat foods that might not be good for them, to be “couch potatoes” and avoid even light exercise … to simply do the wrong thing for their fitness, health, and appearance.

Fitness VideosThings started to change when John Kennedy became president in 1960. Aware that most young Americans were pitifully out of shape, he used his office as a “bully pulpit” to get America exercising and eating right. And, because he was an immensely popular president, he was able to motivate Americans of all ages to “get active.”

By the 1970s, TV commercials began appearing for workout videos … diets … and other types of plans or activities that were designed to help people lose weight and look better … and feel better, as well.  Many of these fitness videos were well received by consumers anxious to improve themselves physically.

In fact, many celebrities successfully “pitched” workout routines in their fitness videos, including Jane Fonda whose workout regimen became enormously popular and successful. Her commercials were so well-received that she probably created a new, second career for herself. Of course, her success prompted other celebrities, including athletes (and companies) to go on TV to try to sell their idea of the perfect weight loss and fitness program.

Amazingly, but certainly, not surprisingly, there have been – and there continue to be – scores of different programs advertised over the air to viewers all across the country. Some workout routines require exceptional fitness just to participate. Others promote the concept of a product, such as a “vibrating belt” that does the work for you while you remain lazy. That’s not a workout or fitness video, of course, but it easily fits the category for weight loss and fitness.
yoga cat
yoga cat

Currently, there are workout and fitness videos to fit every taste and age category. There are kid video workout programs … Pilates videos … yoga exercise videos … tae bo videos … kickboxing videos … videos for men only … for women only … videos that concentrate on a specific body part (like abs) … videos that feature a workout guru, such as Denise Austin, Kathy Smith or Gilad … rugged and rigorous boot camp videos … and much, much more.

There are also workout program that don’t require the purchase of a video. If interested, you can tune in and workout at home following the directions of the workout leader on your TV screen. Clearly, Americans believe in fitness and health … and appearance. Fitness videos are one way – a very good way – for each of us to achieve that worthwhile goal.

Weight Loss Exercises

BenefitsofYoga.org readers frequently contact us asking for some miracle biotech cure to help them shed some extra pounds.  While one day there may, in fact, be a “fat pill“, we are still at least a decade away.  In the meantime, excise is still the best method.  Weight loss exercises help individuals to lose weight naturally and that too without any potential harm. When it comes to losing weight, you need to check your daily food intake and dietary habits.
Through, weight loss, you can improve your physical health, concentrate well on work, lead stress-free lives and develop the body’s immunity to certain kinds of illnesses. In addition, weight loss is necessary for keeping the body in proper shape.  It’s common for overweight people to have problems in their life that lead to poor decision making regarding their health.  The most common are drug use, high-stress family or work environments, and low self-esteem.


  • Workout at gym: As an initial start toward weight loss exercises, you may join a gym. Many gyms have physical instructors, who guide joiners on the type of exercises they need to do for weight loss. They instruct on weight-lifting procedures too. These gyms are often well equipped with modern equipment. Weight loss enthusiasts may benefit greatly if they join such a gym, which houses all the equipment meant for an individual’s personal development and health.

  • Aerobics: Aerobic exercises keep the body slim and in shape. Aerobic exercises involve rigorous movements of the body parts. It involves dancing exercises too. These exercises help individuals to gain muscular fitness, flexibility, and agility to the body. For doing aerobics, individuals may either join any gym, which offers such a facility or order the equipment at home. Aerobics help individuals to burn calories. The body is not subject to injuries while doing aerobic exercises.

  • Swimming: Swimming is the best weight losing activity, as it involves stretching of muscles at full length. Individuals may join a swimming club for this purpose. Through swimming, the body gets enough practical exposure to weight loss. Individuals remain slim through swimming and it keeps the skin healthy. You may take to this kind of exercise anytime. Cover at least 2 or 3 laps, while swimming. This helps to burn calories and the body loses weight naturally. Individuals may seek the help of a swimming instructor for enjoying positive results.                                                                          

  • Sports: For potential weight loss,   BenefitsofYoga.org  recommends individuals participate in outdoor sports to quickly shed the pounds. They may join a sports club to play some kind of exercising games daily. Sports take great care of the body, as when you engage yourself in any game, your body releases sweat. Due to this, your body remains fit and does not bear much weight. You may play games such as badminton, tennis or football to keep fit and to lose weight.

  • Walking: As a simple step toward weight loss, it is good to walk for a few hours regularly. Walk about 30 minutes a day particularly in the morning for the body to gain oxygen from the fresh air. A morning walk cleanses the body of toxins, which is necessary for good health. It relieves a person from physical disorders such as anxiety and stress. Due to this, you are able to focus on your weight loss program positively.                           

To benefit from weight loss exercises, you need to take proper care of your body, watch from dietary habits, and remain drug-free. In addition, those who embark on any exercise for losing weight need to seek advice from physical instructors, to save themselves from untoward loss.

How Outdoor Yoga can Boost our Spirituality?

Yoga is a powerful practice that helps us achieve the calm and mindfulness we need to feel more spiritual. When times are particularly stressful or you are busier than usual, however, a good idea is to enjoy a yoga session in the Great Outdoors, to reap the unique benefits that nature can bestow. Did you know that nature therapy is currently recommended to help soothe stress related to an impressive number of mental conditions, including depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and eating disorders? Like yoga and meditation, time spend in a beautiful verdant setting is known to reduce stress hormones significantly, but its effects extend beyond its calming abilities.

Nature and Spirituality, Past and Present

For thousands of years, humankind has always identified an important relationship between nature and spirituality. In the Australian Aborigine belief system, for instance, everything is interconnected: people, animals, plants, the land, and celestial bodies: everything is part of a larger reality. In Buddhism, nature and spirituality are inseparable. Thus, Gotama, the founder of Buddhism, obtained enlightenment under a Bo tree in a forest and spent a great deal of his life in natural surroundings.
Native Americans, meanwhile, believed that the land was sacred and that we should respect it and organize our lives around the cycle of nature. The Great Outdoors played an important role in their myths, since everything in it (people, animals, landscapes) is part of a united force.
Today, many of us still make time for spirituality, which is a good sign, since studies have shown that there is a link between belief in religion/spirituality, and happiness. However, we are wrong to believe that we can feel at one with the Universe when we spend no time in nature or fail to respect it.

How Can Outdoor Yoga Enhance Our Spirituality?

Performing asanas, pranayama, and meditations in the Great Outdoors offer us the chance to achieve mindfulness almost immediately. Studies have shown that in nature, our heart and breathing rate drops, while our cortisol (stress hormone) levels plummet. For Carl Jung and other psychologists, human beings have an inner need to project their inner, instinctive patterns (or spirituality) onto forests, oceans, or sunsets. We find the very embodiment of wholeness in the beauty of Nature.
By enjoying a yoga session in a lush or seaside setting, we infuse our minds in a sense of sanctity that is very hard to achieve in urban settings. Yoga itself already ushers us into a tranquil and spiritual mindset, but the magic is multiplied when we take it outside.
Whether you are new to yoga or you have been a fan of this millenary practice for many years, your enjoyment and spirituality can be strengthened by spending time in nature. You won’t always have the time or opportunity to perform yoga in the midst of a beautiful green setting but if by any chance you do, make sure to seize the moment.

4 Reasons Why I Prefer Hot Yoga

My first yoga class was a prenatal yoga class in 2015. It was slow, unheated, seemingly built strength, and alleviated pain in areas I didn’t know existed. It was good. For whatever reason, I didn’t take another yoga class until 2016. It was hot yoga. When I got back from class yoga teacher said: “Your face is so red. Are you sure you’re okay?”  Okay?! I couldn’t wait to get back. Here’s why:


hot yoga

In my first hot yoga class, I could barely touch my toes without feeling pain in my hamstrings and lower back. I learned to bend my knees more and breathe deeply into the posture. After many classes I was able to increase the flexibility in my hamstrings – I had to keep going back to class and be patient with my body. My mantra: In due time.

Focus and  Patience

Speaking of “due time”…. At first, I would set up my mat in the back row watching the advanced practitioners bend into fancy postures and I could still barely stand on one leg. I would quickly compare. Over time, I focused inward on poses, on my state of mind, on me. My mantra: Long, slow breaths.
hot yoga


The first time I felt the burning sensation of sweat dripping in my eyes when I was in a forward fold was seriously uncomfortable. BUT! After I got used to the sweat dripping everywhere, I realized that sweat was cooling me down — and actually detoxifying. Whatever I put in my body the night before, was dripping on my towel (gross!).  My mantra: deal with the sweat.

It’s like a drug: I keep going back

People may disagree with this, and perhaps it’s psychological for me, but I swear….the heat helps me get into postures easier (also, following a plant-based diet helps too). Within hours after completing a hot yoga class, my body feels energized, healthy, strong, flexible. Within 12 hours I psychotically look at the schedule for when I can get back. My mantra: get me back in the heat.

Hot yoga may not be for everyone, but I encourage all to try 10 classes of hot yoga in a row. It just may change your practice and will open your mind to other ways of stretching, meditating, strengthening, twisting, smiling, and living.
hot yoga
The Ideal Balanced Diet: What Should You Really Eat? 
This page is dedicated to helping you achieve your healthy weight loss goals by using a healthy balanced diet of foods that you like.  By reading the comprehensive dieting information on this page and others, you will not only learn what a balanced diet plan is but also be able to lose weight correctly.

Getting a balanced diet plan is one of the most important goals when trying to lose weight correctly.  However, many people usually forget it and attempt unusual diet plans that in fact move you further away from a balanced diet.

Please don't get confused by the diet plan information that we all see on TV.  The only way to have long term success is to adopt a healthy balanced diet.  Pills, powders and even surgeries will not get you the safe long term benefits of just following a balanced diet plan of the foods that you like.

In addition, achieving a healthy balanced diet plan that you can lose weight on is actually a realistic goal!  You only need to be armed with a little information on what a healthy balanced diet plan is.  This page and its associated links will give you the dieting information and balanced diet information that will help you lose weight correctly.  This information will also allow you to build long-term healthy diet habits that will last the rest of your life.

By keeping your diet plan balanced, you can reduce your risk for chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke and certain cancers!

Recent studies on balanced diets, healthy diets, and healthy weight loss research have found are some interesting facts:

  • It is predicted that in the next ten (10) years, food-related diseases will replace smoking-related diseases as our top killers among Americans.
  • 66% of Americans are overweight.
  • A study reported that our children may have a shorter life span than ours!
  • The incidence of weight-related diabetes has skyrocketed in children and adults.
Many experts feel that this is an epidemic in our society. Learning about a balanced diet and how to lose weight correctly will help.

Keys to a Balanced Diet Plan

The Ideal Balanced Diet: What Should You Really Eat?

  • Know the Balanced Diet Ratios: 20% Protein; 50% Carbohydrates; 30% Fat.

A balanced meal is one that consists of at least 20% protein, no more than 50% carbohydrates and no more than 30% fat. 

  • Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables daily.

What would a balanced diet plan be without fruits and vegetables?  The latest research suggests eating five a day--2 servings of fruit and 3 servings of vegetables.  For vegetables, try to choose dark-green leafy vegetables.  For fruit, in general, the "brighter" the color, the more nutrient rich they are. 

  • At least three balanced meals per day.

By eating at least three meals per day, you avoid your body's self-protection mechanisms that can slow your metabolism down.  See below for what happens when you eat less than the minimum.

  • Read the Nutrition Label.

This helps you see the portion size along with the amount of fat, carbohydrates, and protein.  You will be surprised how often something that seems like it should be a single serving is, in fact, two or more!  It's also common that foods that you normally eat, like bread in a sandwich, have portion sizes that are actually smaller than you would expect.  
Notice that these facts are only for one slice!          
You would need to double it to get the amount for your typical sandwich!

  • Don't excessively fear fat.

Fat is actually part of a balanced diet.  To get a balanced diet, you should choose low-fat choices more often.  But your body actually needs fat to live!  So don't fear it.
Limit high-calorie foods like french fries, cookies, oils, and spreads.
You may even find that having that mayonnaise on your sandwich might bring you closer to a balanced diet plan but still keep that great taste.  In fact, you may also find that doing without it is just as fine.

  • Choose sensible portions.

Drinking a 20 oz. soda can be 2 or more servings in a balanced diet.  Look at the labels for confirmation.  Also, always avoid "super-sizing" your meal.  That is the fastest way not to achieve a balanced diet.

  • When eating out, order the small size or split.

Always choose the small size.  Not only will you save a little money, it will help you keep your eating under control and help you maintain a balanced diet.  To "create" a sensible portion, don't hesitate to split the meal with a friend.  Finally, don't hesitate to take a doggy bag.

  • If you drink alcohol, drink moderately.

Very simply: alcohol has a lot of calories! Be careful.

How to get a Balanced Diet Plan that can help you can lose weight

Now that you have some idea of what a balanced diet plan is, let's see how you can extend it to lose weight correctly.

  • Know your Ideal Weight.

You can use a free weight loss calculator to calculate your Body Mass Index such as this one to help you determine how much weight you need to lose.  The Body Mass Index calculation is a worldwide standard method of calculating general fitness.  By knowing your ideal weight, you can create a balanced diet plan that helps you lose weight correctly.

  • Establish a modest goal.

You can't achieve a balanced diet or lose weight correctly without a goal.  Set a goal to lose some amount of weight by a given date.  Without a goal, you can't measure your weight loss success. Also, the achievement of your goal will make you proud of your diet plan and will drive you to future weight loss success.

  • Start slowly.  Think to the long term.

Rome wasn't made in a day.  Losing weight or getting a balanced diet shouldn't be that way either.  Move slowly to your balanced diet plan and you will help yourself get adjusted to new habits that will last a lifetime.  You should not try to lose more than a pound or two per week.  Trying to do more than two pounds can force you to not eat a balanced diet and will most likely cause you to fail.  You don't need that type of discouragement.  Don't do that to yourself.  Make tiny steps instead.

  • Know about your Basal Metabolic Rate.

The Basal (not Basil--like the spice) Metabolic rate is the number of calories that you burn each day just living.  You can use a free tool to calculate how many calories you need to just live to calculate your number.  This number helps you understand how much you can eat each day to maintain a balanced diet but also lose weight or maintain your weight.

Very simply, if you eat more than this number, you will gain weight.  If you eat less than your number, you will lose weight.  No magic involved.  It's just that simple.

  • Be physically active each day.

Even if it is only walking, you need to make some physical activity part of your daily routine.  Use the free tool to see how many calories are burned for a given exercise or activity to determine which of your favorite activities can burn the most number of calories.  But don't overdo it.  Once again, you need to try to establish life-long habits here.  This isn't a race.  Move at your own pace.

  • Keep a Food Journal.

How do you really know you are eating a balanced diet if you don't journal your foods?  At a minimum, your food journal should have the name of the food, its total calories and the number of grams of fat, protein, and carbohydrates.  Using this information, you can calculate just about all the information that you need.  If you use a free tool to calculate your basal metabolic rate, you will have the most important elements for achieving your balanced diet and losing weight.
Keep saturated fats and cholesterol's low.
Frankly, eating more of these types of foods increases your chances of getting some of the serious illnesses that our society has.  Reading the label will help you.  Once you use a free Basal Metabolic Rate calculator to find how many calories you burn just living, you will be able to read the Nutrition labels and really understand how out of balance your diet could be.

  • Be careful of common food substitution mistakes

A common mistake is to substitute fries for a salad.  While this helps get you more vegetables in your diet, be careful of the amount of fat and calories in the salad's dressing. It may turn out that the dressing boosts the number of calories over the amount if you just ate french fries!

Balanced Diet Information for Children

Consult some of our links for more information on how to help children achieve a balanced diet.  In general, here are a few pointers:

  • Children over 6 need to use many of the same rules for adults--just in much smaller portion sizes.
  • Lead your children by example.Your children learn how to eat by watching you.  If they never see you eat vegetables, they will learn that habit too.
  • Children generally need 60 minutes of physical activity daily.Remember that some of this activity will be at school.  However, you should look at this as a way to increase your exercise level too.  Even if you aren't a sports fan, go outside and throw a ball around or walk to the nearest park with your children.  Better yet, find some activity that you all enjoy.  Not only will you lose weight correctly, you will have a much better relationship with your children.

Is there a Minimum Number of Calories in a Balanced Diet?

The simple answer is yes.  This may sound funny, but a balanced diet plan actually requires you to eat!

Through centuries of feast and famine, our body has developed a natural defense:  It will slow down your basal metabolic rate if it thinks it's starving.  This is our survival instinct.

If you aren't eating a balanced diet or are inconsistent with your diet plan and exercise your body can think that it's starving on the days you burn significantly more calories than you eat.  Its reaction will be to slow down your metabolic rate.  Making the situation worse, on the days that you eat more calories than you burn your body will store all the calories you eat because it's waiting for the next time you starve!

In general, you should eat a balanced diet of more than 1,200 calories per day if you are a woman and 1,500 calories per day if you are a man.

yoga for weight loss by baba ramdev| Daily morning yoga

In spite of doing kapalabhati pranayama regular practice of Daily morning yoga practice and acupressure there is no difference they more to do don't juice of bottle gourd in your morning breakfast after practicing Daily morning yoga be a string bottle gourd juice and if you feel very hungry then make a special porridge the one which we recommend for diabetes.
yoga for weight loss

Also, it controls a weight as well eat fruits drink milk eat light stuff consume more green vegetables in your lunch in dinner also you should have green vegetables and pulse of a green gram you will have to bring changes in your meal and also remember with such changes in the meal.
you will have to bring changes in your lifestyle also bring a few important changes do not sleep for more than 6 hours with such little changes in your daily routine.
 your whole life will be transformed so drink lukewarm water this is the first thing you should do in the morning everyone should drink water after getting them in the morning if you drink lukewarm water it will help to reduce your weight but if drinking lukewarm water does not help you then what you should do drink Triphala water in morning for this soak 2 spoonful of Triphala overnight in plain water by morning all the components will be extracted in the water soak it in overnight in morning boil this soak Triphala in 2 glasses of water then volume reduces to 1/2 a glass filter and drink it you can add few more things if you do not have joint pains then add few drops of lemon few drops of lemon juice and also ginger extract in a small quantity few drops of lemon juice ginger extract and honey mix them all and drink it your weight will definitely be reduced with this home remedy till now we have had thousands of people reduce their weight and therefore all these people have full faith that with the practice of kapalabhati pranayama and with little changes in your lifestyle one can definitely get rid of the problem of obesity.

obesity has to reduce there is absolutely no doubt in this fact just take this home remedy what is that Triphala two spoonful soaked overnight in two glasses of water if stomach is sensitive then soak one spoonful in one glass of water two spoonfuls of Triphala soaked overnight in two glasses of water boil this water in morning when quantity reduces to half a glass add in that Triphala extract few drops of lemon few drops of ginger juice about 10 to 15 drops and one to two spoonful of honey and drink it warm early in the morning itself as soon as you wake up for breakfast drink juice or bottle would after you have practiced Daily morning yoga has Triphala what has to be taken as soon as you get up so you must drink Triphala of water in the morning with few drops of lemon ginger juice honey added in it lukewarm water is also effective in this also one may add drops of lemon ginger juice and honey which will have to reduce your weight then you can also adopt another remedy and one of the most effective remedies is the use of ashwagandha leaves along with bottle gourd juice leaves of Ashwagandha.

now we will tell you to reduce the weight take leaves of ashwagandha for increasing weight the roots of this plant are used leaves are used for reducing the weight eat one leaf of  ashwagandha in morning afternoon and evening with lukewarm water take the one hour before breakfast afternoon lunch and dinner in addition to this drink lukewarm water whenever you feel thirsty although we recommend various abstinence for one month but one has to take these resource seven days only then give a gap of 15 days again take these leaves or seven days regularly after consuming ashwagandha leaves for these 14 days you may check your weight you will find that within a month you will share from 10 to the use of Usher's in the leaves for three to seven days one should eat its leaves for three to seven days twice a day in morning afternoon and evening on empty summer then after I get for fifteen days I can take the same remedy from semesters for one month what they should avoid stop intake of salt it can be consumed in small quantities BP remains low stop the living serious then what should one eat green vegetables milk and fruits etc for nine years have been on this diet only such diet not just removes the excess fat but provides a balance the normal level of fat which is required by our body is maintained properly only excess weight is removed from our body so eat green vegetables milk and fruits and also the leaves of Ashwagandha and also do kapalabhati pranayama and hatha yoga.
Daily morning yoga within a month you may lose 30 to 40 pounds of the excess weight and this will really be a major achievement for you eat leaves of Ashwagandha which reduce the excess fats in no time each for three to seven days then give a gap of for about one month no cereals no salt no sweets no clarified butter eat green vegetables milk and fruits you may say such a diet will automatically reduce the extra pounds but these remedies are for those who put on weight even when they drink plain water for those who have tried many things have been doing morning walks past 10 or 20 years even then there is no difference ashwagandha leaves should be used by them we give primary importance to Daily morning yoga.

yoga for weight loss

Ayurveda also there are many such traditional medicines which can help you shed your excess weight and my main aim is to make this country and the whole world healthy and free from diseases we want your equal support in this obesity affects the stamina of a person working capacity is reduced he becomes very lethargic practice of yoga  will make you more capable more strong and more active slowly your physique will become attractive balanced and healthy this will also reflect directly on your personality in my opinion for an all-round personality development to enhance your capability and stamina to develop self-confidence to improve and enhance your skill and to keep away from all kinds of ailments that is nothing better than you got Bay City a problem from which 20 to 40% of world's youth population and 10 to 20 percent children of our country and of the world are suffering thousands of millions of sufferers may get rid of this problem you may inspire your friends and family members to practice yoga regularly if they want to get rid of this problem I hope this message will spread soon and all the people of this world suffering from the problem of obesity will definitely be benefited because there is only one remedy for this yoga practices  and a natural and balanced way of living always keep your diet balanced and mind joyful practice yoga behaves for half an hour to one hour regularly you will never have to suffer from the problem of overweight I am sure you will never become always you will remain healthy slim trim smart happy and joyful with an attractive personality he will become a unique example and leave a positive impression on this world .