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Manipura chakra (Manipur Cycle)

Pearl gem, jewel pura = place, city 

Foundations cycle and cycle Svādishthāna unconscious and subconscious level we have passed through the third level of our consciousness, Manipur reaches cycle. With the realization of Manipur Cycle aspirant on the spiritual path has reached a critical stage. Realised under the guidance of a master  a supreme consciousness in this life, you can achieve the goal of consciousness in Manipur has come to light once the cycle that is more likely than not. Manipur cycle journey towards realizing more than half have already been completed.
Manipura chakra

Manipur cycle position is in the middle of the abdomen, behind the navel; It is also known as the navel center is why. More precisely speaking, navel of its sphere of influence is walking up and down about 7 cm. The body has its counterpart in the solar plexus.
Manipur chakra we clarity, knowledge, self-confidence and well-being of the pearls find the "Jewels of the city". The brightness down to the lower chakras as well as the Heart Center (Anahata Chakra) is moving to. We feel in our heart that the feelings of love and happiness in the Manipur Chakra and Anahata chakra started to rise from there. Manipur Chakra generate positive glow and Foundations also svadhishthana sacred circle and their properties.
Passion pure selfless love is; Knowledge, prejudice and hatred transformation through respect and understanding of light; Envy and greed greedy change restraint and goodwill and healthy. Focus, to constantly self-confidence, pride and modesty and generosity of clarity, to change ignorance envy changes, and idleness is gaining.
Foundations and svadhishthana cycle already told you, command cycle (the eyebrow center) with the activation of a spiritual path is a big help. It is also the case here. We inspire each of them depends on when we can easily become confused because of the beneficial properties of Manipur cycle only, in conjunction with command cycle can reach perfection.
Manipur chakra decision only based on the so-called "gut-feelings", often intuitively correct, but distorted by strong emotions and so "irrational" can be. And only intelligence decisions based on complete and integrated vision is lacking. Both cycles are important for the clarity of purpose; Manipur Cycle "right spirit" and of being guided "Viveka" (discrimination), commanded by a quality check of the cycle.
Self-awareness and confidence of Manipur chakra beads. We find within us and we live in constant fear of these pearls carry them up to the light - we are able to produce many of our fears is a failure, death, fear of getting sick, etc. will occur, we will not love Manipur chakra blockages in fear.
Manipur chakra is closely connected to the psyche. Mental problems often lead to digestive problems. For example, many people with abdominal pain or diarrhea response to fear or stressful situations.
Manipur cycle elements (elements), Tejas (fire), and so the cycle is known as the Fire or Sun Centre. Body heat as the fire element in the body appears. Manipur chakra controls our energy balance and energy supply with the digestive organs. The fans and the "digestive fire" that controls when it is an important contribution to a stable and healthy constitution.
This provides an entry to many subtle energies because Manipur cycle "cosmic door" is described as. The Hara, a power center or we balance, stability, strength and activity that bestows "lion's heart" is the center. It converts and our food is absorbed with the cosmic energy (prana) is to supply the body with an energy that acts as a transformer.
On the physical level, the function of this cycle is similar to a fireplace. We put wood into the furnace when the flames are fed; Wood is almost gone, but the fire will die slowly. Our digestive fire (Jatharāgni) for "timber" is the food we eat. A strong, positive vibration that food grains, nuts, fruits and vegetables. So just as bad as a low quality food timber generates less power and poor health, is not well lit; And the anger, rage and aggression as "hot" responses also draw energy from Manipur chakra and as a result it weakens.
A good fireplace continuously put more wood to provide heat for a long time without; But a badly functioning chimney does not heat as well and starts to run short of fuel as will cool. The energy is not absorbed properly in our diet, and we used the tired, feel weak and ill distributed in Manipur Chakra, but we only ate or slept a little, even though the body with an active Manipur Chakra is provided with sufficient energy. Manipur chakra for our physical well-being is the most important energy center's why.
An imbalance or blockage in Manipur cycle paralyzes and destroys our energy and physical and mental problems varied runs. We have to express our thoughts and feelings, are unable to think clearly, so our mind is clouded, then cycle or frequent unrest in Manipur. Such as diabetes, skin diseases, heart disease, arthritis, rheumatism, arthritis, many types of headaches, allergies and Manipur chakra and a badly functioning digestive system within the power constraints can trace their origins back several more as many complaints.
This is a pure, positive vibrations that are healthy, energy to consume food that is very important for both our physical and mental health. We came from food, where and what qualities should find it before eating. It is important that not only nutrients but also a body, mind and marked effect on our spiritual energy, which food is subtle vibration. These vibrations during our physical well-being, our thoughts, emotions and vitality can change. We should put ourselves a basic question: "When we live any pain, suffering or death associated with're eating?"
Daily, hundreds of thousands of animals are cruelly slaughtered for consumption. Also meat is harmful to our physical health, our consciousness of the fact that it is extremely harmful and serious work is the result. Just because they are still, as the results of karma yogis about killing animals for thousands of years people have been warned, and it is also undeniable nowadays with the proliferation, meat (due to the fact that consumption is a threat to their health, cattle BSE, foot and mouth disease, swine fever, such as diseases, and even antibiotics and hormones for animal feeding).
With the meat we consume us with a death, fear of pain absorb vibration and despair of the animal. Immersed in the fear and our dreams and the subconscious comes to light again in focus

how to permanent cure of throat disease with help Thyroid Yogathroat yoga

The food that we take enters into our body, passes through the esophagus and settles down into the stomach for further digestion. The various nerves also pass through the
throat to the sound-generating organ.
In this way, throat is an important part of our body, with which many important processes take place in our human body. In case, there are any kind of disease occurring in the throat then our lives would be in damage.

It has been generally observed that people have swelling in their throat; there are some problems with the sound box and experience the pain in the throat. In such situations, the person suffers from high fever, complains about the constipation's, passes out thickened urine which is yellow in color, experiences pain in the back and complains about the headache also. Apart from this, the person complains about the pain in the whole body and cannot speak properly, the tongue is unclean and there is a foul smell in the breathing. Slowly the pain in the throat spreads to the ears also and lot of pain is experienced while the person consumes something in the form of liquids or solids. 

This aggravates the tonsils on both the sides of the throat. There are different kinds of throat disease and they are enumerated in the following order –


: One can see the swelling present on the inner side of the throat. This is present when there is a collection of poisonous elements at the opening of the throat. The poisonous bacteria develope in this part of the throat and are responsible for the swelling in the throat. When a person suffers from tonsil, in the both sides of the entrance part of the throat, there is the development of muscular notch which keeps on increasing from time to time.
These are called as tonsil. Whenever a person consumes potatoes, rice, fine flour, chocolates, sugar, and
sweets in large quantities, soar and too cold things, then the swelling increases in the tonsils. At this stage,
the person complains of the constipation. The coldness of the winters is also responsible for increasing the growth of the tonsils. The person experiences problem while drinking
water or spitting out the saliva. He or she experiences lot of pain in the throat. There is even headache and
fever accompanied in the person suffering from tonsils. The person even has difficulty speaking. There is itching in the throat accompanied with the cough.


: This disease is more common in children. One should not delay the treatment even
for few days also. This disease starts off with throat and nerves. This is prevalent in the cold and hilly regions. This is infectious disease. This disease is more prevalent once
the children suffer from severe cold, disease of the throat like severe cough, typhoid. This disease begins when the microorganism attack the membrane tissue present in the
throat. This is contagious by nature because the microorganisms are thrown out of the person suffering from diphtheria through sneezes, spits and by coughing to other people living the same environment. People
also suffer from this disease if they consume stale food, live in polluted environment and in cold places.

Sound defect

: This problem arises and the person cannot speak properly and the voice is not very
clear. It appears as though there is something obstructing the sufferer
while speaking. The lump in the throat increases more and more. The person has blisters in his throat. He might even suffer from syphilis. There might be irritating itching sensation, tingling feelings, and overflow of the saliva, dry skin, cough, and some sort of irritation in the throat. The patient cannot breathe properly and finds it difficult to swallow through the mouth. When the patient starts coughing, it appears as though there is some kind of problems in the lungs. However, it is not the case.

Injuries in the throat

: There might be cases wherein injuries 
might be produced in the throat. At that time, the sufferer experiences unlimited pain and agony. Swelling of the sound box:
The person who speaks a lot like singers, orator, people possessing high pitch like leaders, actors and actress, suffer from the swelling in the sound box. Causes for the throat diseases: The various reasons for this
disease are: drenched up in the rain, living in cold and polluted places, changes in the climate and weather, staying in places of humidity, acidity, fever, etc. Bacteria and other kinds of toxins are responsible for this, sleeping with the opened mouth, sinus, blockage in the nasal passage, severe cold,
excessive speaking, smoking, consuming alcohols, breathing in of poisonous gases, eating lot of fried and oily food, cold things, speaking in high pitch, mimicking different sounds, constipation are responsible for tonsils and irritation in the sound box.

Herbal Remedies or ayurveda :

1. A person should consume Borax 
mixed with pure honey for diphtheria.

2. There has to be some kind of greasy substance in the throat of the person and the patient should gurgle with warm water.

3. One should gurgle with salt added to the warm water.

4. Grind the basal seeds with honey. This mixture should be consumed so that the smelling can be reduced.

5. Prepare decoction of black pepper and horse bean and add honey to it to get the benefits.

6. Take some leaves of arandi, put them on a hot pan and apply some honey on it. Take this and paste it on both the sides of the

throat and tie it. This is very beneficial for the people suffering from tonsils. Add 5-6 leaves of basal in water and boil them. Add
little bit of honey to it. Gurgle with this water to get the benefits.

7. If a person finds it difficult to speak, he should make the paste of black pepper and honey and consume it after taking the


8. Laryngitis would be taken care of if a person chews the candy sugar or liquorice or cloves.

9. If there is defect in the sound, the person should chew black pepper and candy sugar.

10.One should consume a nicely ripened mango which is baked in the fire in order to cure dry cough.

11. Take 2-4 grams of lentils powder, swallow it and then consume sugarcane juice.

12.The sugarcane should be roasted 
properly and then consumed in order to irradiate the sound defects.

13.Burn the onion in fire and mash it properly. Take 250 grams of fried Borax and mix it with the mashed onion. This will allow the person to regain with sound defects.

14.Take the roots of the drumsticks, prepare decoction of it. Gurgle with this water to remove sound defect.

15.Mix Shatabar, Kharaiti, and sugar in honey, mix them properly and consume it.

16.In order to remove various disease of the throat, one should consume grape juice and its syrup.

17.One should consume 1 gram of powered lentils with 10 mL of dakh juice on a daily basis to remove the throat disease.

18.In order to be free from the inflammation of the glands of the neck, one should grind the leaves of the wood apple, prepare a 
small ball of it and tie it on the neck.

19.Grind the leaves of the bhangara 
and fry it in ghee and the mixture should be tied on the neck to get its benefit quickly.

20.Take the husk of the rice and grind it along with the roots of the bharangi and applied it on the neck to remove the inflammation.

21.Take 5-10 grams of coriander seeds and chew them at least 2- 3 times in a day to be free from the agony.

22.Take some 10-15 mL of black plum and consume it on a regular basis to eradicate the neck disease. Take 10-20 grams of 
the external bark of the Kachna and mix it with 400 mL of water. Prepare the decoction of this and consume 1/4 of this to remove the inflammation.

23.In order to remove the swelling of the throat, one should consume the fruits of the Kantkari and 10- 20 grams of its juice with water.

24.Take some dried bitter gourd and 
grind it with the help of the vinegar. Apply this paste on the swollen parts of the neck. Take the roots of the plant Palash. Make a past of it and apply this on the inflammatory areas of the legs. Take some black mustard oil and massage the swollen areas. Take the roots of the Hurhul plant and garlic and grind them together, apply the paste on the inflammatory regions

Treatment remedies for tonsils and thyroids with help Ayurveda:

Take 50 grams of powdered trikut, 20 grams of powdered bhahera, 10 grams of Pisti. Mix all of them together. The aged person should consume only 1 gram of this and a child only half gram of the mixture on empty stomach with honey both in the morning and evening times. The continued consumption of this will help in giving relief from thyroid and kids will be free from tonsils.


People suffering from various throat diseases should consume tomato, spinach, bottle gourd, tinda, thorai in the form of soup. One 
can even consume the starch of the rice to get more benefit. The patient should consume the wheat floor mixed with other floor and eat the rotis with boiled vegetables only. One should consume the juice of
oranges as much as possible in order to fight against the contagious bacteria and other micros present in the throat. A person should not drink cold water at all. The person should avoid fried and oily food and should not drink water after it. Too much of sour food should not be consumed. Person should not consume tea or coffee. One should stay away from junk and fast food. The person should not even consume tobacco, fine flour and gram flour. The person also should not eat chocolate, biscuit and bread. They should eat lots of fruits, vegetables as much as possible along with sprout and salad.


: The person should do yogic exercise, meditate and do pranayama on a daily basis. This would ensure that that the person is healthy, free from various kinds of diseases and is protected from them.

this article written byin the  guidance of baba ramdev and Dr. Bapna