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How to Open all your Spiritual Chakras :Agya chakra

Agya chakra (Agya cycle)

Agya = command, knowledge, wisdom

Let our knowledge and the development of humanity in the cycle is complete and we reach the bridge to divine consciousness. It is at the point of transition from the brain to the spinal cord, is located at the upper end of the spinal column. The radiation in the center of the forehead between the eyebrows, however, is mainly direct. Therefore, it is also "eyebrow center" or "third eye" is known as. Another expression for Agya cycle "- the master of the seat master cycle".
command, knowledge, wisdom

Who can give us orders? We must follow the instructions? If that is the only one that can be given to others through personal experience and mastery of the knowledge, can show us the right way to start.

In this regard it is important to understand what a beginning, a master (master) is. Master element is the development of consciousness of the divine principle. From death to immortality, from ignorance to knowledge, which means - therefore, the master that leads us from darkness to light universal, divine principle represents.
All holy incarnation 'master' has been. Master Krishna, Arjuna was the master of his disciples, Jesus, and he himself a guru, sage was Sandīpa. Disciple and master unite "Guru principle" in the consciousness of the pupil and the pupil himself awakened to guide starts is when the disciple becomes his own boss.
Let's wake cycle, unless we are often incapable of understanding ourself. We attribute the low growth centers and control emotions, or sudden feelings that surface in our hearts, thoughts and dreams are unable to find an explanation for the bustle. Why do we often feel uncertain and fearful? We have no control over our actions within the constantly changing because wrongly identified with the feelings and thoughts.
Agya cycle "third eye" is described as. This is a feature of knowledge and a symbol of Lord Shiva. Shiva, his forehead, his gaze is burned in the center of everything that falls on his third eye opens. Bad everything is destroyed and to break through the clouds of ignorance and knowledge to help the clarity of the light, are dispersed. The laser beam through the third eye of wisdom karma series cut out and shipped quickly and holds us in our spiritual growth that impedes free from everything. At the end of the cycle in this way are purified by knowledge of Agya cycle.
We have to find the light switch on the wall with our hands fumble around for the first time to enter a dark room. We already know this, but when the switch is no longer necessary to find where. A blow, light goes on and we see everything clearly. And in the same way as it opens the eye of wisdom in the order cycle, as we understand the essence of truth.
Only wisdom and clarity of consciousness attachment and grief liberate us. Suddenly a curtain has been lifted off our minds and all the answers clearly and plainly visible before us, it is as if. The real awakening of Kundalini. It is through some physical phenomena, which we suffer from the problems and weaknesses in the ability to master the growing reveals itself. Agya at any time in the cycle to be focused entirely clear in all situations and be aware and to act appropriately with Viveka means.
Clairvoyance, intuition and Agya cycles lie in the gift of telepathy. We have to strengthen the power of concentration and energy assumes all assembled in order to learn the cycle, to get our minds or knowledge can transmit through time and space. Let's work cycle, the concentration of light through a searchlight which can see things at a distance, is equal. Past, present and future - whose Agya cycle are opened them at home in three worlds.
In the photo is a significant symbol of the cycle Agya lingam - a symbol of the creative consciousness. We also indicated the close relationship between the base and Agya Chakra, the root chakra at the picture faced the subtle symbol. These centers represent the beginning and end of individual karma. Foundations in the cycle at the level of consciousness, fainting, and it is completely clean until the cycle reaches the Sahasrara Chakra through the step-by-step on the path of development is purified. We ignorance and uncertainty of development as a process of understanding and knowledge of the travel experience.
Foundations cycle lingam is black, but in order cycles or smoky color is a milky white. This consciousness was treated to a great degree, that indicates, but still is not completely pure. It still pulled in two directions. It goes to the lower chakras and ego consciousness of wisdom is headed; While guided by devotion and Viveka when the upper circle, the soul goes to. The world is changing in the direction of consciousness, then it becomes cloudy and dark, but the spirit is directed toward, it is illuminated and illuminated.
That we should withdraw completely from external life that is not mean. ... Quite the opposite. Its "general" continue to live; Work, just like everyone else, live with your partner, sleep, eat and live with your family, enjoy the beauty of life. However, his true nature together and remain conscious of divine origin. If your practice daily, and with a pure heart and a clear conscience enjoy their existence.
Kumbh Mela true for a yogi is in Agya cycle. Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati main nerves, Ida, Pingala and Sushumna are consistent. These three strong energy currents in the human body after theAgya cycle is also known as Tata TRIKŪTĪ. Triveni Tata and Tata BHRŪKUTĪ other words theAgya cycle (the eyebrow center) are doing.
In many old pictures of the cycle in a Agya cycle composed of three strands twisted white cord can see. It also symbolizes the three channels. Brahmins in India as a sign of purity of consciousness, like a rope around his chest to wear.
Yogis concentration, meditation and pranayama through these three channels purify their consciousness that they are able to keep order in the cycle. The merger of these three streams of energy in the Sahasrara chakra, with the mausoleum, to get the highest level of consciousness. Kumbh Mela takes place only every twelve years, so that all three channels are simultaneously active is only very short. Eventually all three channels at once with the help of concentration and attention can be aroused body and energy channels of the regular practice of hatha yoga and pranayama are purified. This is a bright light appears and yogis Trikūtī Kumbh immersed in holy rivers just as faithful immerse themselves in this light. All deeds in the light of divine love and wisdom are dissolved.
This can help us to visualize the following perhaps? In a mountain cave in complete darkness for millions of years was rejected. One day, a cave explorer with a bright torchlight found its way into the cave. what happened? Exist in the dark and he had prevailed for so long, can live in a place where their rights? No! As soon as the light appears in darkness gives way. And what is the essence of evil? It is therefore in our consciousness, basically, "dark", was the result of incorrect knowledge that divine law is violated.
It's called a peace mantra:
Asato ma SAT GAMAYA - Lead us from fantasy to reality
TAMASO MA JYOTIR GAMAYA - Lead us from darkness to light
All the darkness of our knowledge and ignite the light of truth from the moment disappears.
What is light? Light ATMA Gyāna and self-luminous light of self. Divine light burns constantly in our hearts. It rises and its ray Agya enter a cycle of duality is dissolved - Shiva and Shakti, man and nature, are united again.
Self flame of love and devotion is nourished by oil. The wick concentration, meditation and mantra is formed by the master. It rises from the heart to charge cycle when it awakens our inner devotion. Our love is pure oil, pure and strong flame burns. In order cycle we dive into the ocean of devotion and the immortality of the soul is received.
Form, color and quality - free of charge is equal to cycle space. The purity and unity, is the site of bliss, bliss is not replaced. Here unfold the wings of the soul. Sun shines as brightly as the millions that the prisoner, held it climbs and "thousand petalled lotus" (Sahasrara Chakra) that dissolves in the light of illusion-free.
Emptiness (SHŪNYATĀ), consciousness (chit) and bliss (ananda) - there are three aspects associated with Agya cycle.
SHŪNYATĀ (emptiness), a "second" means the absence - only unity. While there is no doubt conflict, discord and strife is not. Zweifel (doubt), Zwietracht (discord) and Entzweiung (TIFF) - in German the word has two meanings of each of these terms ZWEI, is based on. German unity (Einheit) Harmony (Einklang), understanding (Einsicht), Concord (Eintracht) and Agreement (Einigkeit) all, word for word a meaning while incorporating EIN. Since the properties of harmony, wisdom, joy and peace are the basis. Absolute existence and absolute fulfillment - "emptiness" lack, deficiency or lack of fulfillment is not, it is the opposite. "The sound of silence" is filled with the vibration of eternal happiness within us vibrates.
Chit (consciousness) total clarity and certainty means, we recognize and understand the truth. With this we aim to achieve the fulfillment of our existence - then, is meant to "animate existence" (consciousness), unconscious thing (JADA) opposed.
Ananda (Bliss) is based on the unity of ATMA and eternal joy and pain that transcends the contrary, is an expression of true love. We sing in a kirtan
ĀNANDOHAM, ĀNANDOHAM, Anandam Brahmanandam
I, I am delighted bliss, I am happy
We are trying to fulfill our longing for happiness, we are just a reflection of your inner being that radiates from trying to get a glimpse of that in reality. Worldly pleasures seductively shimmers - and when we try to catch it bursts like a soap bubble. Absolute incomparable, infinite, immutable and steadfast - ATMA is pleased that it is without merits, which means that, though, "empty" is.
The mantra Om Agya cycle, the creation of the original sound. This mantra is both voice Agya cycle and Sahasrara Chakra. Om we infinite soul expands and unites with the Supreme hear the voice of the goddess. God, the Supreme Self, wisdom is understood or described with words, but can be felt as vibrations can not be - light, sound or power. God is present in every atom as vibration. Supreme vibration A-U-M, or ohm. The beginning, middle and end represents; Therefore, the whole of creation. Bija mantra in mind, we become absorbed in the creation of the universal, divine vibrations are able to hear.
Guru mantra Om mantra in meditation or to focus on the Agya circle and imagine a divine image or symbol. Through devotion and Gyāna, devotion and knowledge can be experienced. It is immutable and eternal, unlimited, because this experience, Paravidyā, "full" knowledge is known as. Through intelligence we are bound by time, which is limited only unstable Aparavidyā, "incomplete" knowledge.
Commanded an essential and fundamental step in our development cycle is awakening. This cycle capabilities lie that will help us deal with all the problems and such depression, schizophrenia or mental problems such as unstable emotions is of great assistance to those suffering from. Emotions, in themselves, are neutral. They fire is useful, but it can be just as destructive, positive or negative, is a form of energy that we can serve. With the aid of a charge cycle control and positive we can learn how to guide the inherent energy.
Mortification (sacrifice) is a prerequisite for the attainment of true knowledge. We should be to get eternal fleeting. The extinction of our wishes and desires - peace is an internal event. They always produce new works, and the "dry" when work dried up from the river. The best victory is developed through concentration on a charge cycle. But at the same time we "hearts and minds" between the harmony and balance to be careful, and should not be ignored, either. Never forget - aiming to suppress one of them, harmonize both aspects of our being and to unite.
In order cycle we enjoy a fount of knowledge and fear of the ocean and disappear without a trace of sadness in which (just) dive in. But we are still not on target. We still are not fully united with yourself. Maya then occupied any time we can seize and pull down the lower levels of our consciousness.

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