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How to Open all your Spiritual Chakras :Anahata Chakra

Anahata Chakra

Anahata sound = Unlimited, Infinite Sound

Anahata chakra is one of the most beautiful and richest cycle, and delightful feelings and experiences in his vast treasure invites us to stay longer. It is in the middle of the chest, is located in the heart of the region, and it is also known as the Heart Center is the result. Anahata chakra and the heart is the symbol of love, as love is not without reason that the seat is considered.

Just as love is infinite, so too is the Anahata chakra. Anahata chakra and the extent of the brightness depending on the depth of our relationships. Divine love opens our heart, our love is infinite. We limitless nature of Anahata Chakra many things to think about in general use: "a big heart," "a heart as deep as the ocean" and "a place for everyone in the heart."

Anahata sound ,Unlimited, Infinite Sound

"I love you and always think about you" are only empty words only with wisdom saying. In fact we love to radiate from your inner self, and lighting must allow the Heart Chakra to open and to send to any loving feelings.

The following incident is described in the Ramayana

Hanuman, a devotee of Lord Rama, Lord Rama and his lovely wife often, Sita, sat enthroned in his heart that told people. No doubt about some of these doubts and sarcastic remarks when he was hurt and said: "I can prove that I am telling the truth!" And with that he seized his chest with both hands and pulled it open - there and, in his heart, the living images of Rama and Sita were truly seen.Anahata chakra divine spirit, "Flame of Life," which keeps our inner temple. God is also known as the recovery self-realization, our own self, the soul of the recognition. Some among us spontaneously chest, the Anahata Chakra pointing to the site that show us or our concerns. Head, stomach or any other part of the body, not an issue. We spontaneously identify themselves with ATMA within the heart center that clearly shows.

Chandogya Upanishad it is written:

"At the center of the body, surrounded by a wall with eleven doors is a small temple. The temple is hidden inside a lotus flower, and within this a little, there is no room."

The small room in the heart of Lotus mean? The soul, is our true self. ATMA is a part of God. This pure, unchanging, infinite consciousness. It is the eternal unborn and undying, and is present in every living being. The tree is already contained within the seed, the same way the essence of the universe exists in the center of the Heart Chakra. Of course, we are unable to see it - and we dissected the heart "in a small room within the heart of the Lotus" are unable to track down is examined under a microscope, even.

The Anahata chakra has found its way to your true self when Jīvātmā divine love and heavenly joy to feel free to enjoy lives. Bhakti yogis, especially, to follow the path of devotion to God, a very long time to linger here. The heart of the infinite space in which they are constantly looking for something new, attractive and appealing. But the Heart Chakra is not the ultimate goal. According to the teachings of yoga Gyāna God and towards God-realization of the knowledge necessary to continue along the path that's why.

During a trip by train we travel through different landscapes. We pretty villages, forests, meadows, mountains and lakes in the views - but we want to reach our goal, because we passed without stopping this. And just as we continue our journey through the cycle and delightful feelings, dreams and fantasies that we meet here to stop us without permission, the only way out of the station, as many believe in the Anahata Chakra are.

Anahata "infinite" and "continuous" means. Anahata chakra we Anahata sound, continuous universe, fundamentally sound, vibration hear the eternal self. Its sound is SO HAM - "I am what I am". We like a heartbeat, but much softer and more wonderful as a subtle rhythmic melody acknowledges.

Poet, Mr. Kabīrdās, within the heart to write the following poem was inspired by the melody:

"Infinite is played without ending the flute, and its sound is love.

Abandon all limits when it comes to love truth. "

Self to experience the sound, very well connected with conscious awareness unwavering contemplation is necessary. If we chant ham day and night without interruption when you are aware of it are able to experience. 24 hours every breath, so at least 21,000 times, then the sound of ham in us resounds. With the inhalation and exhalation of breath stream it produces sound with ham. We just lost contact for a breath but Anahata sound disappears again.

On the one hand we Anahata chakra delightful, happy feelings, but on the other hand, it is extremely easy to become unbalanced in this cycle. Mind and consciousness affects us physically and psychically misguided thoughts and feelings that arise in the Anahata chakra, the fixed ideas and campuses, are not pure. Deep listening that we are comfortable in the subconscious of the past several unprocessed experiences and deeds, came across.

We all carry within ourselves hopelessly deep and painful wound. Spiritual wounds are far more difficult to heal than physical ones are. They easily burst open again and a whirlpool of emotions can pull us down. In such a situation it withdraw from the outside world for a while and is best to reflect inwardly. This way we can gather fresh strength, and Gyāna (knowledge) to help find inner balance again.

Heart Center opens and more, and more strongly and deeply spiritual feel pain - but in the end it will dissolve in the light of love and knowledge that can be rest assured. So we open the doors to our hearts must not forget. We stopped for fear of further injury to the heart, because when we block our feelings together and prevent them from being assimilated or expressed.

Emerging sentiment analysis and Viveka (discrimination) and IQ (intelligence) can be controlled by, the command cycle must be developed hand in hand with the Anahata chakra is why - no harsh criticism or condemnation rather than love, understanding and with insight, which is fine and resolution. Anahata chakra we are able to extend our feelings of infinite, but in order cycle we raise them to a higher level of consciousness.

Anahata chakra to open in the spiritual sense of capriciousness of worldly emotions get the free all-embracing divine love means.

The life force that flows within us and harmoniously smooth, light-hearted and happy we feel. Happiness means being in complete balance. We are free from fear and stress to the heart chakra opens and provides pleasant feelings and inner strength. It heals inner strength and pain and unpleasantness of the past allows us to forget.

But, unfortunately, this feeling of happiness is fleeting. It only deals with the physical and mental levels. We really enjoy the (Bliss) is experienced, but still sat (truth, reality) and Chit (consciousness) is lacking. At the heart of our inner reality and are able to experience the beauty of themselves, but we are unable to permanently maintain this state. These fleeting moments of pleasure we still have not reached our goals are always alert. Day of course we will be permanently installed in the divine Self will come when However, we should not despair, we may never again afraid or hurt.

In the Gita, Lord Krishna (2/58) says:

"A yogi's senses and get back in control or a turtle is able to extend or withdraw their limbs, just as would have been able to externalize them."

Yogi to fulfill their duties within the world turn their attention to mundane matters. They want to get in touch with your true self, but if they withdraw within their care. The body is not identified with thoughts or feelings, and they remain untouched inwardly from disappointments and hurts of the world is the reason.

Anahata chakra two specific problems that we encounter in the mundane attachment and dependency. Often we tied but we are not necessarily happy about the relationship, are feeling. A communal bond is found everywhere in nature and may be important for the maintenance of social order. But if we

Fulfilled his duties in life and property of the family and still are unable to release themselves from the constant worry, this refers to a false sense of attachment. And, aside from the ego, is one of the biggest obstacles on the spiritual path.

How do we express our emotions dependence or whether real love can recognize?

This is a very simple test:

  • Love, joy, sadness brings
  • Love it reveals and provokes no argument.
  • Love protects and makes no demands.
  • Love and grant freedom knows no jealousy.

Just like self-interest, affection, resentment and revenge feelings that bind us are the type of attachment. The body dies but the attachment is not missing and binds us for many lifetimes. The cause of all problems "mine" is attached to the attachment. She pulls us towards our desires and expectations that a strong binding force. She clings to us like a leech and out of our spiritual power is useless. His partner hope (hope / expect) and craving (- desire, longing, "thirst") are. As long as these exist within us, we are unable to reach your goal. 
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