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How to Open all your Spiritual Chakras :Manipura chakra

Manipura chakra (Manipur Cycle)

Pearl gem, jewel pura = place, city 

Foundations cycle and cycle Svādishthāna unconscious and subconscious level we have passed through the third level of our consciousness, Manipur reaches cycle. With the realization of Manipur Cycle aspirant on the spiritual path has reached a critical stage. Realised under the guidance of a master  a supreme consciousness in this life, you can achieve the goal of consciousness in Manipur has come to light once the cycle that is more likely than not. Manipur cycle journey towards realizing more than half have already been completed.
Manipura chakra

Manipur cycle position is in the middle of the abdomen, behind the navel; It is also known as the navel center is why. More precisely speaking, navel of its sphere of influence is walking up and down about 7 cm. The body has its counterpart in the solar plexus.
Manipur chakra we clarity, knowledge, self-confidence and well-being of the pearls find the "Jewels of the city". The brightness down to the lower chakras as well as the Heart Center (Anahata Chakra) is moving to. We feel in our heart that the feelings of love and happiness in the Manipur Chakra and Anahata chakra started to rise from there. Manipur Chakra generate positive glow and Foundations also svadhishthana sacred circle and their properties.
Passion pure selfless love is; Knowledge, prejudice and hatred transformation through respect and understanding of light; Envy and greed greedy change restraint and goodwill and healthy. Focus, to constantly self-confidence, pride and modesty and generosity of clarity, to change ignorance envy changes, and idleness is gaining.
Foundations and svadhishthana cycle already told you, command cycle (the eyebrow center) with the activation of a spiritual path is a big help. It is also the case here. We inspire each of them depends on when we can easily become confused because of the beneficial properties of Manipur cycle only, in conjunction with command cycle can reach perfection.
Manipur chakra decision only based on the so-called "gut-feelings", often intuitively correct, but distorted by strong emotions and so "irrational" can be. And only intelligence decisions based on complete and integrated vision is lacking. Both cycles are important for the clarity of purpose; Manipur Cycle "right spirit" and of being guided "Viveka" (discrimination), commanded by a quality check of the cycle.
Self-awareness and confidence of Manipur chakra beads. We find within us and we live in constant fear of these pearls carry them up to the light - we are able to produce many of our fears is a failure, death, fear of getting sick, etc. will occur, we will not love Manipur chakra blockages in fear.
Manipur chakra is closely connected to the psyche. Mental problems often lead to digestive problems. For example, many people with abdominal pain or diarrhea response to fear or stressful situations.
Manipur cycle elements (elements), Tejas (fire), and so the cycle is known as the Fire or Sun Centre. Body heat as the fire element in the body appears. Manipur chakra controls our energy balance and energy supply with the digestive organs. The fans and the "digestive fire" that controls when it is an important contribution to a stable and healthy constitution.
This provides an entry to many subtle energies because Manipur cycle "cosmic door" is described as. The Hara, a power center or we balance, stability, strength and activity that bestows "lion's heart" is the center. It converts and our food is absorbed with the cosmic energy (prana) is to supply the body with an energy that acts as a transformer.
On the physical level, the function of this cycle is similar to a fireplace. We put wood into the furnace when the flames are fed; Wood is almost gone, but the fire will die slowly. Our digestive fire (Jatharāgni) for "timber" is the food we eat. A strong, positive vibration that food grains, nuts, fruits and vegetables. So just as bad as a low quality food timber generates less power and poor health, is not well lit; And the anger, rage and aggression as "hot" responses also draw energy from Manipur chakra and as a result it weakens.
A good fireplace continuously put more wood to provide heat for a long time without; But a badly functioning chimney does not heat as well and starts to run short of fuel as will cool. The energy is not absorbed properly in our diet, and we used the tired, feel weak and ill distributed in Manipur Chakra, but we only ate or slept a little, even though the body with an active Manipur Chakra is provided with sufficient energy. Manipur chakra for our physical well-being is the most important energy center's why.
An imbalance or blockage in Manipur cycle paralyzes and destroys our energy and physical and mental problems varied runs. We have to express our thoughts and feelings, are unable to think clearly, so our mind is clouded, then cycle or frequent unrest in Manipur. Such as diabetes, skin diseases, heart disease, arthritis, rheumatism, arthritis, many types of headaches, allergies and Manipur chakra and a badly functioning digestive system within the power constraints can trace their origins back several more as many complaints.
This is a pure, positive vibrations that are healthy, energy to consume food that is very important for both our physical and mental health. We came from food, where and what qualities should find it before eating. It is important that not only nutrients but also a body, mind and marked effect on our spiritual energy, which food is subtle vibration. These vibrations during our physical well-being, our thoughts, emotions and vitality can change. We should put ourselves a basic question: "When we live any pain, suffering or death associated with're eating?"
Daily, hundreds of thousands of animals are cruelly slaughtered for consumption. Also meat is harmful to our physical health, our consciousness of the fact that it is extremely harmful and serious work is the result. Just because they are still, as the results of karma yogis about killing animals for thousands of years people have been warned, and it is also undeniable nowadays with the proliferation, meat (due to the fact that consumption is a threat to their health, cattle BSE, foot and mouth disease, swine fever, such as diseases, and even antibiotics and hormones for animal feeding).
With the meat we consume us with a death, fear of pain absorb vibration and despair of the animal. Immersed in the fear and our dreams and the subconscious comes to light again in focus
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