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Medha shakti

Medha shakti(Medha power)

Medha power  an unbroken stream of energy from the turning circle is Sahasrara. The body is one of the most influential and important forces; Mental strength, intelligence and memory depend on it. Medha power for memory and other brain functions, "food". To maintain and strengthen the intellect strength is of great importance.
Medha power quickly, crying, screaming, thinking and anxiety, excitement, stress, congestion, intercourse, strong emotions, is used by empty chatter. Anger, hatred, jealousy, unresolved conflicts, that we carry with us from past feelings of revenge and resentment weaken and destroy it.
We, inner peace, joy and contentment in God is faith, our thoughts quieting, relaxation of body and mind through the power of our intellect strengthening. Therefore, the overall balance for the yoga exercises and calming effect on body and mind, the power of which, on the positive impacts. Thus, Sarvangasana (shoulderstand) Viparītkaranī currency (energy regeneration pose), Yoga Pose (forward bend, sitting on heels) and Shashankāsana (green) Shirshāsana (headstand), as all the inverted asanas are particularly beneficial. Agnisāra action, breathing, concentration and meditation practices to strengthening the intellect. Positive thoughts, speech and actions through, put it in a nutshell - it also praises mental and spiritual strength, presence, worship and service, singing, reading of the Holy Scriptures, prayer, recitation of mantras is supported through.
Cool ideas and intellect is a very valuable technique to strengthen Mauna (silence) is. Mauna for complete peace of mind and helps us reach deep meditation.
Medha Shkti recommended to strengthen the food is almond milk. It is also beneficial for headaches and fatigue, and concentration and memory to boost performance is an excellent drink.
Take 10-15 unpeeled almonds and glazed or fired very strongly that a water-filled pottery bowl soak them overnight in water (must be able to take in pottery - clay still breathing should be able to take). The next morning peel almonds and grind them to a fine paste. Add a teaspoon of honey in a glass of warm milk (or as desired) and stir in the ground almonds. About half an hour before breakfast slowly drink almond milk.
Some people are unable to drink milk. In this case, one can crush in a mortar fresh mint leaves, or cut into a processor. Place minced leaves in a glass of warm water and cover glass and mix thoroughly by vigorous shaking. You can then strain the liquid, but it is not absolutely necessary. Add a teaspoon of honey and drink sip slowly. As well as this, slowly and thoroughly, peeled and soaked overnight in water was nuts, chewing gum. Just 10 days after you drink your body and mind to be aware of how good it is.
Medha power of the mind also become active and can produce restlessness and excitement. It's like fire, is a strong force. It is activated once its movement can not be stopped so easily. Therefore, sometimes the intellect and the recession must be cooled power. And it is also a symbol for strength and activity, during which a worship Shiva, symbolic it is sprinkled with water to cool the cause.
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