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How to Open all your Spiritual Chakras :Vishuddhi Chakra

Vishuddhi Chakra

Visha = impurity, poison purification purification 

Vishuddhi chakra is located in the vicinity of the larynx - and therefore also known as the throat chakra. It is a center of physical and spiritual purification.Our good qualities - understanding, compassion, kindness, love, devotion and knowledge. Both qualities and divine knowledge and ignorance and earthly immortality elixir poisoning death exist together in the world, just as there is within us. Therefore goodness and light, and the other destructive forces, the Demons, Devas from the one - world propels the sea in two directions. Serpent (Kundalini) is at our disposal that life and power from the depths of our being within hidden treasure brings the (power) represents both.

Vishuddhi  impurity, poison purification purification

Nowadays many poisons are endangering world. The devastating impact of humans on the planet exhaust fumes, waste, radioactive, toxic chemicals, and more through increases daily. We immediately to neutralize these toxins need help of Lord Shiva. That we humans are conscious of our divine origin, and to protect and our "Shiva consciousness" means that the environment should be clean.

We want to live in a healthy way, then nature must first fix - fields, meadows, forests, rivers, lakes and oceans. The yogis highly value a healthy lifestyle in harmony with nature and why a vegetarian diet is followed. As a vegetarian to live a moral principle, is the question of responsibility for all living beings. The Bible also says: "You shall not murder"; And this command does not free the animals!

Vishuddhi chakra helping the environment as well as we are absorbed by mental defect that can rid themselves of toxins. A significant and life cycle support function of purification and is stored in the body and mainly come from the food we eat and the air we breathe is the detoxification of harmful substances. Udana Prana, which has its seat in the detoxification sore, brought about by. Udana Prana enables to swallow. The saliva that breaks the soul food is purified of toxins from the digestive tract and then is passed. A strong Udana Vishudhi an active life cycle contributes significantly to the protection of health united with.

It is extremely polluted many people's mentality and consciousness, but that just is not the external world. As long strife, rivalry, envy and resentment pernicious, toxic properties as to eat away at our minds, God can not shine through the light of consciousness.

Vishuddhi Chakra is a place of purification and balance. Through this cycle flows through the throat, and the respiratory, plays a big role in this. Yoga techniques of pranayama (breath awareness of guidance and regulation), both physical and subtle levels Vishudhi a strong influence on the cycle, exerts. Vishuddhi chakra breath in harmful residues (life force) through the power is removed from the body on a physical level, emotions and thoughts in the mental field, consciousness and subconscious are pure and harmonious.

We are mindful of the different levels of self-consciousness in mind probe to gain access. In the process of self-examination we have many ornaments and beads within our consciousness, but also came across the old residual issues and insidious poison.

Spit out or from the outside or from within the mental poison that rises to swallow either - we have mastered Vishudhi cycle, remaining with the metaphor of the poison we are only two possibilities.

We harmful word, meaning thoughts and spit out bad behavior, and bad treatment, humiliation, suspicion and swallow complexes. Both infected our consciousness and subconscious. Many mental disorders are a result of things we swallowed. We conceived our first undergo preliminary experiences. We have many things "to swallow" to digest many things in the course of our lives. The reason for fear or helplessness in childhood, we are unable to express many feelings. Still today, which causes difficulty that most of the time has been bottled up within us. How we especially in childhood, have experienced in the past that are able to cope with disappointment and disgrace?

I can help you with this to think about three things:

Trust your feeling that every experience in life and goodness.

Imagine the situation in those days. If you are unable to control situations and not free, you had to depend on.
You are now grown-up and free yourself is to know about, and in the event of those days is no longer valid.
Such receipts through intellectual analysis and many complexes and fear of the past are in a position to figure out yourself.

Vishuddhi chakra is blocked, which are often blind to its mistakes and blame others for their misery and misfortune and try to take responsibility for people.

Plague us is a fundamental mistake to blame others for the events. We think that there is nothing that can strike is not found in our actions; And so we were due. An associated vibration resonating within us at the same time until the damage can not be a bad influence us. In fact we condemn in others those qualities that we find in it. In fact, this in itself "bad" There is nothing. It always arises from within us that is concerned with estimates.

Anahata chakra consciousness has risen above the water surface can be compared with that of a lotus blossom. It starts to move when the waves appear on the water surface, so the energy begins to flow when the "waves of emotion" appears as rising. Lotus blossom it is only slightly affected by the movement of waves below the surface of the water is still; The root chakra our energy is oscillating between the Anahata chakra, while the more subconscious than conscious and waves of our emotions are not all that is still violent means. Emotions only expand and grow when there is space, and they can find a place in the Anahata chakra and Vishuddhi Chakra.
Anahata chakra when it unfolds like a glacier melting - consciousness is flooded with emotions. Vishuddhi chakra begins to loosen, but when it's like a crack in a dam and flood leads to immense emotional force. Through this opportunity, and eventually gave rise to the roots of our problems and remove them is to keep.
Vishuddhi Chakra Vishuddhi chakra is able to leave the physical body is the seat of the subtle body. Each of us has made astral travel. When we dream every night, one of the subtle body from the physical body is completely spontaneous separation. However, always existing between the subtle and the physical body consciousness is a fine band. It is the dream consciousness and sleep sees both body and any external disturbance, if there is a second part of the astral body leaves the physical world in the back. How is this so quickly? Yoga, through the power! It allows us to travel to other areas of consciousness and no matter how far away we are, back again brings. Considering many yogis can consciously astral travel. But this practice requires many years of self-control and discipline.
Shocking experience or astral body may be an occasional unconscious and uncontrolled mental illness during ephemeral escape. The identified problems, feelings of anxiety and can trigger nerve enthusiasm. In such cases, the protective hand on the sore spot, and the physical and subtle body again how to feel closer to each other can be helpful.In India, an ancient tradition that is still maintained. Dying to connect with Mother Earth is laid on the ground, and thus detachment of the subtle body are simple. The death throes of death without it makes for a peaceful parting.
Vishuddhi chakra is the central symbol of a peaceful white elephant. White elephant in India fortune, wealth, power, wisdom, purity and clarity is regarded as a symbol. Ganesh, the elephant god with the head, is highly respected and worshiped. Ganesh happiness, brings wisdom and prosperity. He protects every new beginning and removes obstacles and difficulties. Lord Ganesha is worshiped before any venture is why at the beginning of a religious ceremony, a house, a wedding ceremony or a stage production is to be built.

The words are developed in three phases:

  • stomach
  • Throat
  • Lips

Manipur chakra is the seat of the sound; Fire element is at the core of the speech. Through the power of fire, sound Vishudhi cycle appears in space, and lips (Vaikharī) with the help of words, as is expressed.

Throat, however, the word, not the lips or tongue controls. The words are already lying on the tongue, then it's too late for them to be controlled that means. Said earlier, the origin of the term is in the stomach, and we "pushed down" everything that is contained there. So we should welcome the feelings that surface, but Vishuddhi Chakra means growing in the neck should be able to control the emotions, and for this there are various yoga exercises and purification techniques.

Every thought, every emotion, should be filtered and purified by consciousness and clarity. We are led mainly by their feelings in short cycles; Vishudhi real dawning of consciousness in the cycle begins. In this cycle, we at the same time, they also learn to control our emotions and desires began to clear.

A sage once said:

"Do not break the ribbon of love because of a triviality. Once again it is never torn -. A knot is always"

Such knots, divisions, marks and scars traditional family and partner relationships are breading down at an increasing rate, which are found in our modern society. We can avoid such people were injured? When we understand and forgive you. To understand and allows it to fly high in the sky that are the two wings of a bird. Feelings, the pain and understand the life of all living things. , Forgiveness, freedom, clarity, justice, love, devotion, warmth, security and good thoughts will help.

We are unable to handle inwards have some experience, experience continues to ferment in the subconscious. Our intellect is fully developed until we are unable to figure out about myself. Physical symptoms of a blocked chakra Vishuddhi face an unnatural redness, an itchy rash, frequent colds (especially sore throat and hoarseness), stomach cramps and digestive problems are. Or suppressed emotions power (energy) into an explosion of anger or tears can express themselves from the explosion at the first opportunity.

However, when we develop patience "explosion" can learn to manage without. Vishuddhi chakra controls the maturation process of qualifying for patience. Vishuddhi chakra through pranayama and asanas affect thoughts and emotions calm and we can bring them into harmony. We protect ourselves from such rash actions and our words like knives or arrows and other people being injured stop.

Mahāprabhujī said:

"Because those words are very difficult to heal and often (in the unconscious) while staying lifelong physical wounds that are caused by a knife, then heal because the truth always, with love and 'knife' should be spoken with. "

Patanjali wise men before speaking clearly and fully prepare their word, and thus are able to consider the impact of his words that he said. Manipur Chakra - - their place of origin in terms of the ability to know is very valuable. Terms regardless of whether or not they intentionally make a strong impact force is near. We seriously through words can harm others and yourself. Therefore, we have a lot to lose, rather than speak words, and we consider them to speak before the heart chakra and should Vishudhi. With friends pleasant, beautiful word, find love and friendship with a friend but we do not count as a great virtue for those treated and is easy to have an art. Learning to control a very effective practice is silence (Mauna).

Vishuddhi chakra has an effect on all exercise has a beneficial effect on voice and speech. Through them we gain in terms of wisdom and beauty. The cycle work especially writers, poets, journalists, teachers, politicians, actors and singers are recommended .

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