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Saveen chakra In Our Body

                  Saveen chakra In Our Body

Kundalini energy cycle in the human body which are located elsewhere, the number six so far seven have been reported. Extremely important information concerning these cycles. From time to time round the place to focus on mental health and soundness can be obtained.

1.muladhar cycle 

Muladhar chakra between anus and penis with a four-petal 'base chakra is'. The base chakra is the root chakra as a second name. The bravery and sense of joy resides. The location can be obtained from the concentrate.

2. swadishtan cycle 

 swadishtan cycle gender sacral chakra is at the core of which six are petals. Upon waking the cruelty, pride, laziness, negligence, disobedience, distrust, etc. would destroy Durgnon.

3. Manipur cycle 

Manipur cycle navel with ten teams Manipur cycle. The desire to be active, envy, slander, shame, fear, hatred, greed, etc. astringency-Kalms go away.

4. Anahata cardiac cycle

which is twelve Pankrion Anahata chakra is in place. It is active libido, fraud, violence, sophistry, anxiety, greed, arrogance, irrationality and arrogance are eliminated.

5.vishuddhi chakra 

 vishuddhi  cycle and which is sixteen-petalled. Sixteen sixteen personalities from the arts and the knowledge is here. It can prevent waking from hunger and thirst, while sixteen personalities of arts and lore can be known.color and mantra

6.Agya chakra-  

agya chakra(between the two eyes in Brkuti) command cycle where Udgiy, I burst, an extensive, Swdha Swha, seven notes etc. are inhabited. Immense powers and Siddhis are inhabited. This command powers up, it has to be an awakening cycle.

7. Sahasrar cycle 

that is in the central part of the brain where sahasrar conditions are top. In the body structure at the base is a collection of many important electrical and biological power. That salvation is by.
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