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How to Open all your Spiritual Chakras : Svadhisthana chakra

Svadhishthana cycle

SABHA = Self
Adhishthan = seat, residence
Svadhishthana cycle between the coccyx and sacrum about three centimeters above the root chakra lies. It marks the second phase of human exposure. Dispersion at the time of the first seat of the Kundalini power was located in the circle, but Kali, our present era, has sunk down into the root chakra spiritual energy - unconscious - because rampant materialism and egoistic behavior in humans.
svadhishthana circle color orange is the color of fire. The color purity, activity, joy, hope and self-confidence symbol, and svadhishthana cycle shows that energy has been activated. Orange is also the color of sunrise and it has been mastered, the flower that once this cycle is a sign of strength - enthusiasm, confidence, self-confidence, and enthusiasm. Nature withdraws and becomes inward consciousness when it is the color of autumn and sunset. We look within svadhishthana circle and pay attention when we are able to find answers to many questions related to luck.
svadhisthana chakra

As mentioned in the previous chapter, the root chakra our experiences and deeds lie in the warehouse. These actions enabled svadhishthana cycle is now, and it is here that we have the opportunity to purify them. Our weaknesses and mistakes in this cycle, even if it's a high level of human consciousness to develop our offering is an important opportunity that is here. Svadhishthana cycle work through us to bring under control our baser instincts and to replace them eventually are able to cross them.

svadhishthana cycle subconscious level of consciousness, sleep and waking consciousness is in the area that lies between. We have a vague idea of what is contained here, but a full or explicit knowledge. Focusing our consciousness, even our thoughts and actions always affect the other levels of consciousness. The entire spectrum of our experiences in the field of our consciousness is depicted, which is like a screen.
That of a film camera, regardless of whether we were conscious of it or not, external or internal, we have an impact on the kind of recording that each impression is the function of the subconscious. In this way we feel and think so, experience the subconscious records everything right; And it essentially our deeds we want them or not, explains why we react. Our actions microscopic tracks (sacrament) have been imprinted on our subconscious, and, therefore, the effect "pre-programmed" are, because we can not prevent the outcome.
We just resign ourselves and just let things take their course does not mean that. The fate of our future results of our past and present deeds that it is important to understand. What is happening to us today that all our actions and thoughts first, and our current way of thinking and acting that will result in future due to everything that happens to us.
We are victims of our past, or external forces "puppets" are not, but we are building here and now of our own destiny. It is important that we face doing so consciously and honestly evaluate their merits and intentions, and then good to be able to direct them consciously. We are being fed into your subconscious gain clarity about their intentions and actions Once we understand the relationship between action and reaction and are able to recognize. In this way we, and our behavior can affect our future by changing our behavior are capable of foreseeing the consequences. We are able to shape our future profitable growth and to support our own.
The system "Yoga in Daily Life" presented themselves in check through meditation techniques, our subconscious "programming" penetrating and love, understanding, and forgiveness to solve any harmful behavior pattern is for a method. We are conscious of our subconscious warehouse every day, pretty positive and send pure thoughts, our destiny will change for the better - but we must not forget that the reverse is also true!
In the course of our lives, sometimes awakens the kundalini rises up and svadhishthana cycle. However, even this kind of jealousy, desire, jealousy, anger, and greed as our negative qualities, comes up against the barrier. It then returns to the root chakra so that the energy block. And thus, many people's consciousnesses without ever being able to rise high cycles oscillate between the two lowest continuing.
We have accumulated during many lives that're hurtful feelings, prejudices, resentments and fears of the cycle as the face of an army, is not an easy undertaking to break. We have to fight against them if we achieve only one thing more forcefully they stubbornly persist, or hide in the depths of the subconscious and will go away either. Only we consciously we are able to free ourselves from them when to go.
But letting go can be extremely difficult. We really, their fears and complexes will be glad to be rid of, but somehow we do not dare let go of these properties; Instead we firmly hold on to them and licked them. Ego we abandon them, then we will lose our identity and personality that leads to belief. And the ego to maintain its supremacy is fought with all possible means, that is in the svadhishthana cycle.
Question and analyze everything that happens within the consciousness to have learned that yoga, subconscious surface and, therefore, more easily able to cope with those feelings and reflexes that recognize the reasons. Otherwise, we fall helplessly from one emotion to another, and for a long time, we svadhishthana cycle of "blind-alley" unable to find our way out of that might be.
We lie to ourselves or not this fear that is most important, And we must project not condemn nor judge others. We have a "light" side and a "dark" side - our inner world is divided. We have to take into consideration this dual reality and also that we are working on our weaknesses when it is accepted. We are able to accept as long as we possibly can give good advice to others, but can not further develop themselves.
We just follow the waves of emotion and unwaveringly on our mantra can heal our minds, when they will finally disappear. Mantra clears and quietens the mind and certainly will lead us out of the labyrinth of emotions and trends, and in the light of truth.
Anger, hatred, greed, envy, violence, cruelty, passion, pride, self-doubt and sloth we encounter the enemy in svadhishthana cycle; They are very difficult for us and for our environment, making life. We have many examples in history, and even in recent times know, people are often blind and inhuman actions are committed to these properties. These trends, lifelong vigilance, and sustained effort is needed purification. Discipline and knowledge (Gyāna) we are able to keep them in check, with which "tools" are.
However, these trends as they work to protect our physical existence as a part of nature completely by the end of our lives will not be shed. Only a selfish ego is connected to the harmful effects and blindly to the pursuit of selfish goals are deployed when to develop. We are conscious of these trends and to understand their meaning and function when we have these "enemy" control change your energy and are able to use them for our development.
Anger, hatred, and greed are negative expressions of our ego. Ego is not bad. The positive aspect is the desire to live. Because we live and enthusiasm in life no one can exist without the desire, the ego can not be without. It degenerates into selfishness and exploitation of others is harmful to the ego.
It not only "our own lives of others is useless, however." India as angry, known as a double curse that we are destroying our bodies is overcome by the anger blood cells. The aggressive spirit of our entire Phänomen darkens and deprive us of spiritual energy. Closely linked to the expression of anger and hate are greed. One of these properties is activated when the other two are generated and the person they jointly "inner area" destroyed. The immense power of emotional arousal is a positive potential. We have succeeded in controlling the explosive energy When we are creative, courageous and brave actions can change. mastery of anger and other negative emotions discipline brings considerable progress in gaining control.
We relax and we mentally Our outrage is directed to the person's situation is put in, and while trying to understand their logic can extinguish the explosion of anger and hatred. What we can and are able to understand more easily forgiven. Sympathy, consideration, and tolerance through our hostile feelings will calm down in the end.
We're jealous right up to something or someone that belongs to us that means. We lost it, so we have set our hearts on, or are unable to obtain, so we imagine that the whole world would collapse. We have fights with other children on a toy, which behave like a little kid, and he gets it, even if it is not really material.
Selfishness and that we fully intend to hold on tightly to certain officers and the problems always arise. Flickers of jealousy when we feel our inner freedom, stirring within this frame of mind is the best treatment to combat, because we must strive to be independent and liberal.
We are in love, when we only feel jealous. Without love is not jealous. The spirit of love, pure, selfless, helpful and beneficial to others, jealousy disappears.
Many people believe that they "really" did not love the concept of the lifelong suffering; Your personal losses will balance out and fulfill their wishes, which means a life partner. However, what we really need, and only the truth, the divine love, that brings satisfaction and desire of our soul is fulfilled. Just give it merely consists of giving. We have overcome jealousy since we achieved independence and our ability to give and to accept all-embracing love to develop.
The violence and cruelty of man as well as animals, are found everywhere in nature. In the natural desire to live up to its roots, the natural desire to lie in self-defense. Life for the violence is not completely free; When we drink a glass of water, for example, we destroy the little tiny animals. We cut flowers, even when we do not harm - because plants are living things. In the ancient scriptures of various grains, seeds, and ripe fruits are freely given by nature as we are only told that such funding should take. But the fruit to fall naturally from the tree we've been waiting now we will die of hunger. Therefore, unfortunately, we are unable to fully comply with the rules, but take our meals in thought word or deed should avoid any bad intentions. Our pride and our joy of living and should not cause suffering or violent death.
We possess the gift of sympathy; We have to understand what others are causes suffering. So we can learn to avoid violence and cruelty. Our efforts never deprive anyone of anything, ever intentionally destroy anything, or intentionally or thoughtlessly anyone should be directed towards causing pain.
Collective responsibility within ourselves increases our capacity for love and toughness by overcoming. Sacrificing toughness later becomes a reality selfless service are.
German passion for the word "made to suffer" is the literal translation LEIDENSCHAFT; Which means, "We suffer from that which we create." This causes the material and physical desires (underdone Vāsanā) are doing. They like the red hot flames blaze and extinguish the fire for fraudulent source possible (and often is absolutely the wrong thing), try everything. Passion is totally blind and can corrupt us. But in a positive sense, passion is also a part of life. The reproductive instinct to preserve it as part of the partnership and serves to protect property. As this life excitement, vitality and creative energy is an expression of enthusiasm. Outstanding works and simple for life from the passionate love.
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