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hair fall control tips with daily morning yoga

Hair fall control tips with daily morning yoga

It is known that men look very attractive in short and nicely cut hair. In the similar manner women look beautiful and more attractive with thick and black hair. It is very well known fact that hair occupies a very important position in our personality development. The hair is produced by a 

control hair fall

protein called ‘Carotene’ it is produced in the head. There is a jelly called folliclin present in the surface of the upper region of the head. It is the jelly that produces the hair. The cells present in the hair roots are very active by nature .We also find oily cells which gives shine and glossy to the hair. Whenever there is some defect or problem in three layers of the hair, then the hair starts falling as a result it gives rise to baldness. It is normal for 50-100 hair strands to fall in a day, however more than this it is a sign of some disease prevailing in the body. We can divide the structure of the hair into three parts. The region of the cortex gives form, shape, quantity and length to the hair. There is a different pigment present in this region which is responsible for giving us different colors like black ,brown and red. As we grow, the quantity of the pigments reduces. This is responsible for the growth of white hair. It could be due to heredity that a person might get white hair or it falls in an untimely manner. It is present in our genes also. In such a scenario it is impossible to get some kind of remedies to prevent white hair or falling of the hair.


It is quite naturals  for some strands of hair to falls from our head, however if we see more hair falling in bunches, then it is a sure for us to be alert. Causes 1 When there is lack of the elements like silicon, iodine, chlorine magnesium etc. and lack of protein, Vitamine-B,VitamineE,Vitamine-A,.All these help in reducing falling of hair. 2 The hair is damaged while colouring,perming and straightening at a beauty parlour. 3 In the cases of an unwanted flow of the hormones, at the commencement of the menstrual cycle when there is less of estrogen and progestrone, there are chances for the rate of hair fall to be increased.

Herbal treatment

Apply the oil of the mango seeds and this would help in changing white hair to black coloured.The black hair would not be white also. It helps in reducing the dandruff and hair fall also.


One should eat cabbage, onion, lettuce, cucumber, bottlegourd,carrots and turnip. all of them have proteins like silicon, cysotene, chlorine, calcium, systin, iron, iodine.

These are important for the growth of the hair. One should eat apple, papaya, guava, pear, banana, orange, mausambi, etc during the breakfast. 

Sprouts like gram, lentils, yellow gram, groundnuts, etc should be consumed. 

It is beneficial to eat curd, Soya bean, lemon, butter milk, goose berry and honey. 

Consume rotis prepared from bran. Consume the paste of goose berry,coconut,ginger,garlic and coriander.


Spicy and oily food Tea, coffee and sugar Gram flour and refined flour Chocolate and toffee Food from the external sources should be avoided.

Exercises and Postures

daily morning yoga routine change the life. One should massage the hair with rigorous movements of the fingers and oil must be applied to the dermal regions of the head. This is in a way an exercise for the hair. The oil massage also provides exercises to the hair. This helps in the removal of the passiveness of the hair, dryness and any kind of defects in the hair. The movement of the blood helps in the growth and to retain healthiness of the hair. The movement of the blood is more with the performance of the yogic postures like Halasan, Shirshasan, Sarvangasan and Matsyasan.These give natural and hygienic growth to the hair. This prevents the falling of the hair. There are other postures like paschimottanasan, Chakki Chalan asan, Janushirshasan,Kurmaasan, Uttanpaad Asan, Ustrasan, Ardhamatsyendrasan, Chakrasan, Dhanurasan, pakshi asan, bhujanga asan and shalabhasan, Kapaal bhati, anulom-vilom and Dirgha Svasan,pranayaam Fyand meditation helps in the growth of the hair. This removes the dead and other kind of hair diseases. Besides this, it helps in the purity of the body and mind

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