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Patanjali Ashtanga yoga

Patanjali  Ashtanga yoga 

Patanjali is widely regarded as the compiler of yoga of the formal yoga philosophy .His yoga is known as the Ashtanga yoga which is a system for eight- fold control of the body and mind. He defines as the word yoga in his second sutra – yogas chitta-vritti-nirodah – yoga sutra 1-2 which means “through the yoga, one must cleanse his chitta (mind stuffs impurities there by achieving complete blissful health”.
Ashtanga yoga
Ashtanga yoga 
His Ashtanga yoga has eight limbs the eight limbs are:
  •  .       Yama (the five abstentions):  ahinsa (non violence), satya (true, non-lying), astey (non-covetous, brahmacharya [celibacy] and aparigarh (non-possessiveness).
  •        Niyama (the five observance): sauch (purity), santosh (contentment), tapas (austerity), swadhyaya (study of scriptures) And ishwar-pranidhna (surrender to god).
  •   .       Asana
  •           Pranayama
  •   .       Pratyahar (Abstraction-withdrawal of the sense organ from external objects.
  •   .       Dhyana(meditation)
  •   .       Samadhi (liberation) merging consciousness with the object meditation.

Thus, we can say that the Ashtanga-yoga can be very useful practice. You can learn it as jnan yoga or the yoga of mind, the karma yoga as yoga of right action and bhakti yoga as yoga of devotion.
About yoga some misconceptions
·         First is that yoga is not a religions
·         Yoga is that it is an exercise, a way to keep fit. it is not limited in its objectives only to look at our physical dimension but also other deeper dimension of our life. We should remember that the steady control of our sense and cessation of our mental activity may lead us to our supreme state.

Purpose of yoga

Nature of the soul and the mean to ultimate liberation: to shri shankaracharya, the soul is only relatively real. Its individuality lasts only so long as it is subject to unreal limiting conditions due to ignorance. The soul identifies itself with the body, mind and the senses, when it is deluded by ignorance. It thinks, it acts and enjoy, on account of ignorance. In reality, it is not different from the absolute (the universal self).
The Upanishads declare emphatically  “tat tvam asi” (that thou art). Just bubble (foam) become one with the oceans when it bursts, just the space within a pot become one with the universal space when the pot is broken, so also the soul or empirical SELF become one with absolute(Brahma), when it gets knowledge of the  absolute(Brahma), that is the self- realization through yoga.

When knowledge dawns in it through annihilation of ignorance it is freed from it individuality  and finitude and realizes  it’s essential  (Existence, consciousness, and bliss) nature. It merge itself in the ocean of bliss. The river of life joins the oceans of existence. This real and ultimate truth. According to yoga philosophy, the absolute merging of the individual soul in absolute(Brahma) due to dismissal of the erroneous notion that souls is distinct from Brahma. According to yoga , karma (actions and bhakti (devotion are means to knowledge which is liberation. If we take an overall gaze of the philosophy of yoga, can conclude that yoga is the only source for all remedies off the disorders in our lives which pertain to purifies to planes of spirituality, astral, mental and physical. Yoga not only purifies our physical state of bodies but also purifies our heat, mind and soul to such an extent that we can remove and get rid of all the impurities once for the lifetime.
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