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Yoga for managing the stress

Concept Of  Stress

Stress in an everyday unavoidable experience of life. Dr. hars sevel, expert of stress management, tell us:”stress is the wear and tears on your body caused by life’s events.” It is the sum total body’s physical, mental and chemical reactions to circumstances which cause fear, irritation, worry, anxiety and excitement. Stress is today major biggest problem of development which obstructs our path make very hard task if it’s very easy to how we overcome from stress and express themselves and Stress is purely subjective it is basically a state of mind in response in response to a situation.


Effect Of Stress

Due to physical and mental reaction, stress deeply 

affects our body mind causing many acute and 

chronic disease. The symptoms of these aliments

 can be seen clearly.

Physical Symptoms

Headache, high blood pressure, obesity,

 overweight, loss of appetite, constipation,

 diarrhea, acidity, peptic Ulcer. Insomnia, fatigue, 

muscular strain, back ache ,Ahoking of throat and

 emotional problems, sexual problems, menstrual 

distress, arthritis etc

Mental Symptoms

Feeling of nervousness, anxiety, depression,

irritation while communication with family members and 

fellow colleagues at work, worry due to poor financial 

position ,unnecessary fear of getting incurable disease 

like  cancer, diabetesetc.. and fear of death of someone

 close, loss of zeal to live, suicidal tendency, incapability

 of laughing loud and leading happy life, superiority and 

inferiority feeling so always feel insulted and neglected ,

 feeling of pain of loneliness and unable to share their 

problems with other, lack of concentration an develop 

habit of taking alcohol and toxic drugs to avoid facing

 problems, etc.

Source of stress

there can be four sources of stress. Lack of adjustment with environment, e.g. weather and season, noise, traffic and pollution etc.
Social pressure like financial problem, unemployment, fear of facing interviews, disagreement with co-workers, accident or death of near and dear-ones, etc.  

·    Psychological :feeling adult from childhood, menopause, sickness, aging effects, malnutrition, insomnia, lack of physical labour and exercise, guilty consciousness, inferiority or superiority complex, ego, anxiety for past event and worry for the future problem.

·    Thought : excitement in thought due to negative caused by reactions   to external event and circumstances.

How to manage stress

  •   Change in dietary pattern – more nutrition, stress and relieving  food should be taken.
  •   Subtle exercise, Asanas and pranayama.
  •     Proper meditation of flame, oceans, colors, light etc.
  •    Music therapy& mantra chikitsa.

  •   Avoid isolation and become part of society  and devote time for            social service.
  •    Learn being, becoming, relating, thinking, i.e. the art of living.
  •   Proper relaxation in yog nidra
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