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Over eating is like a frivolous act for health. Generally, in order to satiate our hunger, we devour all such food we find. While doing so, we do not take care That what we are eating is beneficial or harmful for our health. We take tea, coffee, namkeen and other fried food such as burger etc. with fondness but that is not a right habit because in that case our body is likely to contact several diseases including mainly the disease of high blood pressure, cancer, heart disease or pertaining to kidney. Almost every year, a large no of people fall prey to such ailments and die an untimely death.

In this article, we have made a mention of all these things because we should not take excessive food and should eat only such things which are not harmful but beneficial for our body. Along with this, we will like to say certainly something about fast. Food in our life has special significance. Similarly, fast also has a important place in our life. In a way, fast is a friend of our health because fasting provides an opportunity to rest for the digestive system of our body. It also gives a chance to rest for all our body organs if you want to keep a friendly relation with your good health, make some space for fast in your life.
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There are a number of ways of fasting in our country.You would like to tell our readers that skipping breakfast or under eating or taking food only once a day can not be called fast. While fasting, people generally take a larger quantity of Aloo chat, pakoras, porridge of kuttu, ground nuts and such other things. Some people break their fast with staple food like chappatis’, daal and rice or other sweets or halwa. These ways of breaking fast are all together wrong because by doing it we invite several diseases in our body. It also creates a disorder in our blood system and activates the silent symptoms of disease in our body. Some people keep fast without taking water. This system of keeping fast is harmful for the body. Since ancient times, Indian people have a system of keeping fast on the occasion of traditional festivities but they do not know that fasting has a special significance in respect of health. Mostly, only ladies keep fast and aim of every lady keeping such fast are quite different. 

Unmarried girl keep fast with a wish of finding a good life partner, while the married women observe fast for long life of their partners or to have an issue or to attain the objective of peace and happiness for their family.
Since, all such fasts kept by the ladies do not have any objective pertaining to their health, they are not able to maintain good health even after keeping fast. The reason is that while keeping fast, they are least aware of the scientific importance of the same.

According to one’s religion and work, almost all the persons should keep one fast in a week. All the days of week are auspicious in themselves. On Monday, the people who have loose temperament with advancing age should keep fast because Monday is the day of moon and on this day, Sun, Moon and the earth are in such a position that they have a peaceful effect on our body. In order to get good results of all our deeds, we should keep fast on Tuesday. The people with weak mind and willing to attain spiritual knowledge should keep fast on Wednesday because Wednesday is the day of attaining enlightenment. The people with shallow thinking and mentality should keep fast on Thursday. The patients of premature ejaculation or those suffering from Prameh should keep fast on Friday because Friday promotes virility, prowess, Weller, beauty and
quantity of semen. In order to get rid of all sorts of troubles and difficulties, one should keep fast on Saturday. Sunday is the day of Sun. In order to get good health and virility, one should keep fast on Sunday. It should be seen that for one day fast, no prior preparation of any sort is required. One day fast can be observed any time. On the next day of fast, we should items of food will provide sufficient quantity of protein to the person observing fast. For sufficient quantity of vitamins during the period of fast, the person concern should take green vegetables like pointed gourd, gourd and tomato along with lemon water which will provide him with Vitamin C. Even fruits may give a number of vitamins to the person keeping fast. Besides that, vegetables, fruits and dry fruits may provide sufficient quantity of anti oxidants.

During the period of fasting, the person on fast takes such food items which contains a very meager quantity of carbohydrates which are very difficult to digest. Therefore, the flour of kuttu or singada (water chestnut) or savan rice should be used only after proper cooking, the same may be used with messed boiled potatoes. Instead of eating deep fried puris or pakoras of kuttu or singada, one should take singada or kuttu in the
form of chilla, kheer, upma or kadhi etc. Dry fruits and makhanas have lesser quantity of carbohydrates. Therefore, stomach should not be filled with its preparations during fasting and vegetables, fruits, soups, juices or salad of cucumber should be preferred. It will not increase the body weight. Moreover, it will add to the luster of the skin. That will give you strength and reduce the size of the tummy.

Fried food contains transfats which increase the level of cholesterol and acidity in the body. Acidity in the stomach may lead to other physical ailments like peptic ulcer or angina. Intake of greater quantity of fat leads to increases the size of tummy and level of blood pressure. During fasting a small quantity of desi ghee may be used. While cooking food for fast, one should roast the preparation, instead of deep frying.

During the days of fast, rock salt is used. However, one should know that it is not a refined product. A rock salt should always be used in the form of solution after proper straining of the same. Several researches have pointed out that intake of non refined salts may lead to several complications in the body.

During the period of fast, one should always eat home preparations. Only one type of food items should be taken and one should not depend only on sweet eatables during the fast. One should never use greasy and heavy food during this period. Nursing mothers, pregnant ladies, children, heart and diabetes patients and other patient should not keep fast.

How to Break Fast 

At the time of breaking fast, a lot of additional precautions are necessary. Readers
should know that fasting for a longer period is no doubt easy but very difficult to break. In case, the fast is not broken properly, a lot of deadly consequences might be faced by the person concerned. It may lead even to the death of the person. You should know that during the period of fast the digestive system of the person becomes weak. Therefore, while breaking the fast, the person should use the mixture of water and fruit juice to prepare the digestive system for accepting the food once again, Orange juice gets digested within 1 and a half hour. Therefore, one should take one cup of orange juice and
one cup of water in the first 2 – 3 hours. In case, one doesn’t have orange juice, he should take 10 – 12 pieces of raisin or 20 – 30 pieces of Kishmis crushed in water.
For the next 2 – 3 days of breaking the fast, one should take the juice or soup of tinda, torai,  or gourd. On the 4th day, use of vegetables, fruits and coarse meal is a right thing. On the 5th day, boiled vegetables with one or two chapaatis may be taken. Dal
rice or curd may also be started. In this way, it is gradually that one may come back to the normal diet. While breaking fast, one should take sufficient quantity of water.

Uses of Fast

The latest researches have established that fasting adds to the years of life and slowing down of metabolic process leads to the lesser formation of free radicals in the body which keeps one healthy. In case of gout, joint pains, disorders of the digestive system, asthma, piles, psoriasis, eczema, swelling, obesity, leanness and several other physical disorders, the process of fasting is highly beneficial. Fasting wards off several disorders
of the body, mind and soul. It also has its hygienic advantages.

In the end, we would like to give you a piece of advice that if you are a patient of high blood pressure, never stops the intake of medicines during the period of fast. Otherwise, it may lead to several deadly consequences like brain haemorrhage, heart attack or paralysis. The diabetic patient should not skip medicine during fast. If old people keep fast, they should always take special care that there is no deficiency of water
and salt in the body. At least, one liter of milk should be consumed every day. In case of over weight, one may make the fullest use of the period of fasting. During this period, one must take the maximum quantity of liquids like soups, fat free milk,  SWEET LEMON, pomegranate, apple juice, skimmed milk and gourd juice.

Over fasting or improper fasting for slimming or reducing or increasing body weight through fasting may lead to the deadly physical and mental disorder like bulimia on account of unsystematic eating habits. The patients of this disorder may develop the symptoms of sever depression and at times over eating like a bull. Therefore, it is necessary that whenever one goes on fast, he should take a lot of care and always follow all the guidelines laid down in the article. Only then one can reap the proper benefits of fasting.

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