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Yoga and Pilates

Yoga and Pilates

Yoga and Pilates are often put into the same category. It is true that they are treated the same way, but many people do not recognize that they have some major differences.
Note: It is difficult to determine the distinction between the two, yoga and Pilates keep in mind that there are many different forms.


yoga and pilates

1: Genesis

Yoga originated in India more than 5000 years ago. To name just a few, Ashtanga, indulgent, Bikram and Vinyasa: The sum of the century and in many different types of cultures have been developed.
Pilates by Joseph Pilates, an athlete at the beginning of the mid-20th century, is a very small thing. He practiced as a form of rehabilitation and strengthening created.
Despite what some may think, is really what made it really popular dance Pilates. Worldwide dancers modify and display them in their training and to assist in strengthening exercises started using.

 2: mind, body and soul

Both yoga and Pilates are related to the mind and body that bring a sense. However, the sum adds an extra element to the mix-sense. I especially of spirituality through meditation, yoga practice is a very big part.
Pilates mind and body are connected and that it can help in everyday life that is focused on creating a sense, yoga, mind / body / spirit connection is focused on.

 3: Classroom

It is difficult to pinpoint the specific distinction, so you walk in each class will be different, but it is one of the most frequently asked questions.
Many yoga classes are flexible routine. Posture, sequences and variations to create a class of tens of thousands of routines can be added. If this style of yoga you practice and what you decide on the agenda will be the guiding teacher. Ashtanga and Bikram, such as a set plan, the more that some styles of yoga.
Pilates classes are a little more structured. Because of this, the more chances you from a yoga class to walk in the door when a Pilates class will know what to expect.
Another element that is often (but not always) brought attention to a yoga class.
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