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Kapalbhati Pranayama: its Benifits

 Kapalbhati Pranayama

Practice and Benefits
Obesity or Obesity in today's modern society it has become the most serious problem. Obesity brings with it many other catastrophic diseases. To overcome obesity seem to have used a variety visitation. How often have spent thousands of people are not able to reduce their obesity and weight loss rather than damaging agents due to their adverse consequences on Liver.
To stay healthy and disease-free yoga and pranayama have no choice good. Yoga and Pranayama and you spend very little time in the weight loss can lead to a happy life. To Weight Loss diet-kindergarten with weight loss when added to the sum and Pranayama can be easily.
Weight loss is to use Kapalbhati Pranayama. Weight loss can be done easily with the help of Pranayama is. More information is given on Kapalbhati bel


"Kapalbhati 'It is a Sanskrit word. 'Skull' is meant forehead / Forehead and 'beliefs'' means light / Light. The person's daily routine Kapalbhati forehead / face bright or come shine. Healthy glow on the face and identity of the person is healthy. Kapalbhati a miraculous kind of pranayama which has many advantages.


  • A uniform, flat and clean place to sit where indicated fresh wind spread a cloth on there.
  • You Siddhasana, Padamasana or Vajrasana can sit in. Whether you were or who you are, you always like posture is to sit down on the ground like that go down.
  • After sitting on his stomach let loose.
  • Now quit out of breath from your nose to action. As you breathe out when the stomach is pushed inwards.
    Kapalbhati Pranayama
  • The action is not required to inhalation. This action is taken in the breath itself.
  • Continuously as long as you can easily while exhaling through the nose and stomach activity continued to push inside.
  • 10 times, once at the beginning and gradually increasing to 60 times the action.
  • Among the rest of the time you either have to take this action.


  • Kapalbhati empty stomach in the morning, after the stomach to clear.
  • After the meal, then have to Kapalbhati 5 hours after eating it.
  • Kapalbhati shall not eat after 30 minutes. You can have a little water.
  • Yoga under the supervision of a knowledgeable Kapalbhati at the beginning of it.
  • Pregnant women, Gastric ulcer, Epilepsy, Hernia patient does not perform this function.
  • Hypertension / hypertension and heart patient, hey, this action should take the advice of your doctor.
  • Any consequences of such action so Kapalbhati / side-effects while not yet Kapalbhati like dizziness or nauseate any trouble, contact your doctor.


  • Weight loss / weight loss occurs. Kapalbhati many people in India who have worked their 30 to 40 kg.
  • Increased abdominal excess fat helps lower. The size of your waistline helps to bring back the normal size.
  • Wrinkle on face and darkened eyes off of the bottom of the face helps restore shine again.
  • Gas, constipation and acidity / Acidity is the problem of  run away.
  • The body and the mind erases all the negative elements and thoughts.
  • Body  is detox.
  • Enhances memory.
  • Phlegm disorder is destroyed and trachea cleaning is good.
  • This action increases the functionality and increased arterial blood cholesterol is helping to work.
  • Kapalbhati sweat more when it comes to the body is clean.

Kapalbhati the weight loss also has other important advantages familiar to you by now. Today for weight loss diet and exercise with-kindergarten healthy and disease-free life by making it part of your routine, your steps towards raising.
People who are underweight or too Kapalbhati controlled the action for the benefit of the other can

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