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Trikonasana Yoga

Trikonasana Yoga - the method and benefits

While yoga triangle body shape Trikonasana (Triangle) is the same reason it is called Trikonasana or Triangle Pose. The most simple and useful for obese people to posture. Trikonasana the regular practice of your stomach, hips, thighs and buttocks excess fat on the frozen can be easily reduced.

Trikonasana the method, more information on the benefits and precautions are given below:

Trikonasana Yoga
Trikonasana Yoga - Law

  • The distance between both feet, leaving 2 to 3 feet should stand straight.
  • Right leg liable to put the fold.
  • By the height of your shoulders and spread both hands beside.
  • Now breathing and liable to the (Right side) bowed. Bowing while keeping an eye out.
  • Right hand leg tries to choose.
  • Left hand (Left hand) and look straight at the sky and put your palms and keep tax.
  • Now back straight back in the second stage and also to practice changing hands.
  • To 20 times the minimum.
  • Taking the time to take breath inside the breath leaving the body with maximum bending moment.

Trikonasana - Benefits

  • This posture of the neck, back, waist and leg muscles strong.
  • If the balance of the body ends.
  • Digestive system are OK.
  • Acidity can get rid of.
  • Anxiety, stress, hip and back pain are disappears.
  • Frozen excess fat on the abdomen and obesity are considered helpful in removing the seat.
  • Toning the body, which creates compelling and flexible.

Trikonasana - Caution

  • Low BP, High BP, migraine, laxatives, neck and back injury, it should not posture.
  • While this posture headache, dizziness or problems such as back pain or yoga expert advice of a doctor should take immediately upon.
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