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Nowadays related to biological process issues like symptom, constipation, gas, fat has increased  such a lot conspicuous . Perhaps if such a house in which a person may not suffer from these problems. All of these digestive problems can get rid of us easily with the help of yoga. Yoga is a very simple and useful like "Vajrasana" information given in this article today.
Thunderbolt means rigid (Solid) or strong. This posture to our feet, especially the thigh  was part of the body from being static posture "Vajrasana" are called. This easy-to-day can ever. It is a posture which can after eating.


After 5 minutes of yoga Vajrasana a similar method to food, blankets or a seat laid flat and clean place. Both feet should sit on the front stretch. Then Left (Right) leg bent knee behind the toes and feet of sitting up and should be. Now  Left also bent the knee to the foot behind the toes and feet, such as sitting up and become more hip (Hips) both (Ankle) to come between. Both toe  held together by a second. Ankle difference maintained in both. Keep the body upright. Both hands placed on the knees. Relax slowly dropped. Keep your eyes closed. Take long deep breaths and slowly release. This posture until you can until feeling comfortable. In the beginning only 2 to 5 minutes, to do.

Add precautions associated with Vajrasana

Vajrasana person does not suffer from the pain. The person suffering from the disease may not Vajrasana heel. On the Vajrasana lumbar pain, such as weakness or dizziness, no problem, the doctor must take off their pedestal.

Vajrasana benefits of toning the body maintains.

Are helpful in weight loss. Menstrual irregularity in women are overcome. There are strong backbone. The versatility that increases the concentration of the mind away. Indigestion, gas, constipation, etc. can remove disorders. Enhances digestion. The reproductive system that empowers. In  suffering from Sciatica are lucrative. The posture regulating pain in the knees, Varicose veins, arthritis can be avoided. This posture helps in muscle problems are associated with feet. The easiest gradually taking long deep breaths lungs strong. Vajrasana the hip , waist  and thigh  frozen on unwanted fat  are reduced. High blood pressure are reduced.
Some of the other types such Vajrasana but I mentioned here are just the most simple and useful Vajrasana. Yoga definitely  off disease, but suddenly stopped, just to sum the wrong medicine. Regular yoga and not as your indigestion, constipation, etc. The symptoms are low, your doctor inquiry. The doctor may advise you to discontinue the drug.
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