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Paschimottanasana yoga poses - method and profit

Spine (Spine) for the purpose of "yoga poses"are flexible. It is often found in individuals who are flexible spine, the more healthy and disease-free life to live. Today we make the spine flexible crucial yoga ' Paschimottanasana' giving information. to bend forward after this asana practice it has been found that the person experiences a change in yourself. There are more difference in their health and temperament. He becomes a more sensible and receptive.
More information is given below on Paschimottanasana  "yoga poses"

Paschimottanasana method of yoga poses

asana yoga poses
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  • A clean, flat place mat or rug to spread this simple practice.
  • Palms Thighs placing feet on the front side sitting spread.
  • Keep both feet planted near each other.
  • Taking his hands raised above the head to breathe.
  • Now slowly bend forward with hands, feet, tries to catch the thumb.
  • Forehead (Forehead) Let's touch the knees.
  • Elbow holding thumbs feet from the ground to try to.
  • Capacity put Bring down the body raised and hands.
  • Raising his hands and bow before the expiration time to breathe.
  • Bowing term knee is likely to come up. To try to keep the knees straight.
  • thigh stomach more beneficial to practice putting.
  • Practice time gradually extended its capacity.
  • To get maximum benefit to empty stomach.

Paschimottanasana yoga poses benefits

  • Waist and hip muscles to strengthen.
  • If the spine becomes flexible and strong.
  • Frozen on the stomach reduces the unnecessary fat.
  • Obesity, constipation, indigestion, hemorrhoids, etc. have to get rid of.
  • Reproductive system that empowers.
  • If back pain lessens.
  • If composure increases.
  • Menstrual disorders in women are away.
  • Special lucrative spiritually.
  • Anger over the persons are helpful in reducing the rage.

While  Paschimottanasana following precautions are necessary:

  • Tilting the pelvis sudden shocks or should not take.
  • Do not attempt to force the head to the knees.
  • Its capacity to seat only. Upon exercise of the simple interval gradually extended.
  • Severe back or spinal problems, consult your doctor or Yoga Poses expert to take it easy.
  •  "Paschimottanasana" also called the Forward Bend "Yoga Poses". After headstand yoga are considered the second most lucrative. Healthy life and to achieve quiet the mind from today to begin the practice of Yoga Poses.

    Makarasana yoga poses - method and profit

    Makarasana total body composition crocodile / week as being similar to "Makarasana 'are called. In English it 'Crocodile yogaPose' are called. Suffering from pain in the waist and shoulders for person are a useful yoga. High blood pressure / Hypertension person to suffer from it are worthwhile.

    More information is given below on Makarasana:


    • Makarasana yoga poses benefits
    • Method of Makarasana
    • Same place mat on a clean and easy it is to spread.
    • Lie on stomach said.
    • Start neck pickup and both his hands folded in Elbow on Elbow put it on.
    • Based on the chin, giving palms.
    • Placing pressure on the neck are so spread your Elbow.Elbow has thus been less pressure on the neck and waist.
    • Both legs of the thumb towards another direction opposite to each other and each other's faces foot.
    • Now the entire body relaxed and eyes closed to keep breathing slowly.
    • Makarasana yoga poses and the other way is also the most useful and simple method described here have been.
    • This posture to its capacity. In particular Diseases to long.

    Makarasana yoga poses benefits

    • Makarasana yoga poses the following benefits.
    • High blood pressure, asthma, slip disc, neck and back pain worthwhile.
    • There are fixes digestion.
    • Insomnia are away.
    • Blood circulation in the body that fixes.
    • This posture for some time to relax when stressed can do.

    What caution Makarasana?

    • Makarasana yoga poses the following caution:
    • This posture may not be excessive pain or discomfort.
    • Hernia complaint does not posture.
    • After this posture for some time to lie back and should certainly Shavasana.
    • Makarasana yoga poses a very simple and useful yoga asanas. While this posture yoga poses expert advice should be no problem.

    Sheetali Pranayama: Practice and Benefits

    Sheetali Pranayama helps to cool the body, therefore, are called the pranayama Cooling Breath. This pranayama are often used after other yoga or pranayama. Sheetali Pranayama are a very simple and useful.

    Sheetali  breathing method and its benefits-related information are given below:


    Sheetali Pranayama breathing method:

    • A uniform, flat and clean place where to get clean air on a cloth spread on the spot to sit.
    • You took the easy chair to sit in that seat.
    • Now his tongue out and a hose (Pipe) conform to prepare.
    • Now inhale deeply through the hose dragging abdominal / stomach fill the air.
    • Pull the tongue and close your mouth.
    • He then bowed his jaw toward the front of the neck to the chest take a (Jalandhar ligament).
    • Now momentarily Kunbhak (stop breathing) it.
    • Jalandhar now tied to the neck out.
    • Then the nasal (nose) exclude the breath. Out of breath inhalation interval time should be a little over the time interval.
    • It has a frequency. Similarly, their ability and time from 9 to 49 frequencies can be.

    Sheetali the diverse benefits of pranayama:

    • Body heat can be reduced.
    • Mental and emotional stimuli are reduced.
    • Nice quiet sleep at night to sleep before it comes.
    • That reduces thirst.
    • To reduce hunger.
    • Summer days can help the body cool pose.
    • Are helpful in reducing blood pressure.
    • Acidity / acidity and stomach ulcer are reduced.
    • Are useful in heart disease.
    • If digestion fixes.

    Pranayama should not Sheetali Who?

    Pranayama should not do those persons following the Sheetali:

    • Asthma / Asthma persons should not suffer.
    • person should not suffer from colds.
    • If your blood pressure / Blood Pressure remains low (<90/60 mmHg) then it should not pranayama.
    • Pranayama should reduce it in winter.
    • Sheetali pranayama are extremely easy and useful. If you have any difficulty when it pranayama under guidance  should take the advice.

    Bhramari Pranayama: Practice and Benefits

    Nowadays part of the race, and stress in the life of the mind and the mind calm anxiety, fear, grief, jealousy and psychiatry ward off anything else for the good of yoga and pranayama are not. Mental stress and to control thoughts Bhramari pranayama is done. When bees Bhramari pranayama  as being similar to the voice in English are called Humming Bee Breath. This pranayama we can at any time. While sitting or lying down directly on  bedtime it can be.
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    Bhramari breathing more information is given below:


    Bhramari breathing method

    • The first place a clean and flat carpet / mat is laying down.
    • Sitting in lotus posture or chair.
    • Now both hands next to your shoulders parallel to the spread.
    • Both his hands Elbow) bend you hand from moving ears.
    • Now the thumbs of both hands (Thumb), close to both ears.
    • Now the index finger of both hands  on the forehead and middle finger, ring finger (Middle) and Little finger over the eyes to keep.
    • Waist, back, neck and head, open-faced and kept stable.
    • Now, breathing in through the nose. (Complementary)
    • Breathing through the nose dropped out. (Laxative)
    • Breathe out when leaving the throat to sound like the bees. It aims to voice and voice full exhalation should be equal to the end.
    • Inhalation and out of the time-out time of 10 seconds should be 20 to 30 seconds.
    • At the beginning of practice time increased to 5 minutes.

    Bhramari pranayama both ears while you just stop finger rest Finger Light also can practice making a fist.
    Introduction locked in either ear without you even can pranayama.
    mudra - thumb off both ears. Index finger lightly over the eyes to keep up their eyes near to the nose. Middle finger to keep the nose. Honto ring finger (lips) and little finger up and down to keep the Honto are. The money can also be Bhramari pranayama.

    Bhramari benefits of pranayama
    Bhramari pranayama benefits is given below:

    • Anger, anxiety, fear, stress and insomnia, etc. have helped to overcome mental disorders.
    • Get peace of mind and brain are.
    • Positive thinking increases.
    • Migraine are beneficial for the victims.
    • There are sharp wit.
    • Memory are increasing.
    • Are useful for patients with high blood pressure.
    • Bhramari while pranayama chin  the embrace (Jalandar ligament) are to benefit from the thyroid disease.
    • Sinusitis patients get relief.

    What precautions should I take Bhramari pranayama?

    Bhramari precaution given below in pranayama should:

    • Ear pain or infection, it should not pranayama.
    • Do not try to do more than its capacity.
    • Pranayama cycle time and increase gradually.
    • Bhramari pranayama after you inhale slowly hold regular normal breathing can control. While pranayama Bhramari dizziness, palpitations, cough coming, headache or trouble breathing stopped on the advice of your doctor or specialist should take yoga.