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Makarasana yoga poses

Makarasana yoga poses - method and profit

Makarasana total body composition crocodile / week as being similar to "Makarasana 'are called. In English it 'Crocodile yogaPose' are called. Suffering from pain in the waist and shoulders for person are a useful yoga. High blood pressure / Hypertension person to suffer from it are worthwhile.

More information is given below on Makarasana:


  • Makarasana yoga poses benefits
  • Method of Makarasana
  • Same place mat on a clean and easy it is to spread.
  • Lie on stomach said.
  • Start neck pickup and both his hands folded in Elbow on Elbow put it on.
  • Based on the chin, giving palms.
  • Placing pressure on the neck are so spread your Elbow.Elbow has thus been less pressure on the neck and waist.
  • Both legs of the thumb towards another direction opposite to each other and each other's faces foot.
  • Now the entire body relaxed and eyes closed to keep breathing slowly.
  • Makarasana yoga poses and the other way is also the most useful and simple method described here have been.
  • This posture to its capacity. In particular Diseases to long.

Makarasana yoga poses benefits

  • Makarasana yoga poses the following benefits.
  • High blood pressure, asthma, slip disc, neck and back pain worthwhile.
  • There are fixes digestion.
  • Insomnia are away.
  • Blood circulation in the body that fixes.
  • This posture for some time to relax when stressed can do.

What caution Makarasana?

  • Makarasana yoga poses the following caution:
  • This posture may not be excessive pain or discomfort.
  • Hernia complaint does not posture.
  • After this posture for some time to lie back and should certainly Shavasana.
  • Makarasana yoga poses a very simple and useful yoga asanas. While this posture yoga poses expert advice should be no problem.
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