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Sheetali Pranayama

Sheetali Pranayama: Practice and Benefits

Sheetali Pranayama helps to cool the body, therefore, are called the pranayama Cooling Breath. This pranayama are often used after other yoga or pranayama. Sheetali Pranayama are a very simple and useful.

Sheetali  breathing method and its benefits-related information are given below:


Sheetali Pranayama breathing method:

  • A uniform, flat and clean place where to get clean air on a cloth spread on the spot to sit.
  • You took the easy chair to sit in that seat.
  • Now his tongue out and a hose (Pipe) conform to prepare.
  • Now inhale deeply through the hose dragging abdominal / stomach fill the air.
  • Pull the tongue and close your mouth.
  • He then bowed his jaw toward the front of the neck to the chest take a (Jalandhar ligament).
  • Now momentarily Kunbhak (stop breathing) it.
  • Jalandhar now tied to the neck out.
  • Then the nasal (nose) exclude the breath. Out of breath inhalation interval time should be a little over the time interval.
  • It has a frequency. Similarly, their ability and time from 9 to 49 frequencies can be.

Sheetali the diverse benefits of pranayama:

  • Body heat can be reduced.
  • Mental and emotional stimuli are reduced.
  • Nice quiet sleep at night to sleep before it comes.
  • That reduces thirst.
  • To reduce hunger.
  • Summer days can help the body cool pose.
  • Are helpful in reducing blood pressure.
  • Acidity / acidity and stomach ulcer are reduced.
  • Are useful in heart disease.
  • If digestion fixes.

Pranayama should not Sheetali Who?

Pranayama should not do those persons following the Sheetali:

  • Asthma / Asthma persons should not suffer.
  • person should not suffer from colds.
  • If your blood pressure / Blood Pressure remains low (<90/60 mmHg) then it should not pranayama.
  • Pranayama should reduce it in winter.
  • Sheetali pranayama are extremely easy and useful. If you have any difficulty when it pranayama under guidance  should take the advice.

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