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Fitness Videos … The Choices are Endless

In America today, everybody wants to trim down, get fit … and stay that way. It’s been like that for years now. If you can’t make it to the yoga studio you should consider watching and exercising with a fitness video from the comfort of your own home.  You can turn on your television just about any day or evening and see an Infomercial (fitness video) extolling the virtues of any one of seemingly dozens of different types of workout regimens.

It wasn’t always like that, of course. There was a time in the United States when the majority of Americans were content to carry a little extra weight, to eat foods that might not be good for them, to be “couch potatoes” and avoid even light exercise … to simply do the wrong thing for their fitness, health, and appearance.

Fitness VideosThings started to change when John Kennedy became president in 1960. Aware that most young Americans were pitifully out of shape, he used his office as a “bully pulpit” to get America exercising and eating right. And, because he was an immensely popular president, he was able to motivate Americans of all ages to “get active.”

By the 1970s, TV commercials began appearing for workout videos … diets … and other types of plans or activities that were designed to help people lose weight and look better … and feel better, as well.  Many of these fitness videos were well received by consumers anxious to improve themselves physically.

In fact, many celebrities successfully “pitched” workout routines in their fitness videos, including Jane Fonda whose workout regimen became enormously popular and successful. Her commercials were so well-received that she probably created a new, second career for herself. Of course, her success prompted other celebrities, including athletes (and companies) to go on TV to try to sell their idea of the perfect weight loss and fitness program.

Amazingly, but certainly, not surprisingly, there have been – and there continue to be – scores of different programs advertised over the air to viewers all across the country. Some workout routines require exceptional fitness just to participate. Others promote the concept of a product, such as a “vibrating belt” that does the work for you while you remain lazy. That’s not a workout or fitness video, of course, but it easily fits the category for weight loss and fitness.
yoga cat
yoga cat

Currently, there are workout and fitness videos to fit every taste and age category. There are kid video workout programs … Pilates videos … yoga exercise videos … tae bo videos … kickboxing videos … videos for men only … for women only … videos that concentrate on a specific body part (like abs) … videos that feature a workout guru, such as Denise Austin, Kathy Smith or Gilad … rugged and rigorous boot camp videos … and much, much more.

There are also workout program that don’t require the purchase of a video. If interested, you can tune in and workout at home following the directions of the workout leader on your TV screen. Clearly, Americans believe in fitness and health … and appearance. Fitness videos are one way – a very good way – for each of us to achieve that worthwhile goal.

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