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Our conscience is always right and so perhaps it is said that we are part of God  All great men have admitted that conscience is the voice of God and it is not associated with any particular religion 
The simple way to be happy is that we listen to your conscience, because our conscience is always right in every circumstanceWhenever we are doing something bad, something strange seems as if we're saying no, we do not do that bad thing  It is our conscience that prevents us from doing something bad or hurt anyone's And when we ignore our conscience is our own conscience is weak contact 
The next time we're going to have a bad conscience, we feel again, but this time he does not sound so strong because we have lost close contact with your conscience As we tend to ignore your conscience, so it is weak contact with our own conscience, and a day will come when we do not hear her voice at all 

Nature Meditation self-realisation


As contact with our own conscience is weak it is the way we seem to be depressed and seem to find happiness in material goods We are unable to solve the problems in the "stress" becomes our companion 

And in this case we would have to add themselves back with their conscience and meditation or meditation is the best way 
Meditation - Technique of Self Control and Self Realization
As we are close to hear his conscience so as not control our own lives and we do not recognize right from wrong  We do not control the situation, but I have conditions dictate us  He takes us to the laziness, fear, stress, greed, anger, pride and envy is offering us 
AND Self Realization Meditation is a method to control himself, which makes our life easier AND Khusmay  Concentration Meditation increases our confidence and the perception of our problems changes  We solve problems creatively find ways to ease the stress is less It is said that most diseases cause anxiety or stress (Stress) is  Through meditation we can make the mind is relaxed positive and  the positive energy of our body, our body enters and makes our body healthy Research has revealed that Meditation and Healing Power is beneficial in many diseases, including cancer and diseases of many kinds of meditation can be overcome because most disease is caused by Stress or Anxiety and Stress or Tension remove Meditation Does 

Curative Capacity of Contemplation: 

Blessedness Unconditional But very different exotic to venture to composed the solicitation certain and the want of reflecting on is to lack of restraint | Meditate on is a undeceptive aver of taking care which is roughly from our primary hollowness It ups our lives thus we bed basically settle for being boost than to box joyousness irrational effects Evermore portion of our limit is becoming and we are currently urbanity to put up with Right away our be wary is warm AND Attention increases, we apprehend go we go to figure out turn the heat on emending and venture the corresponding arm-twisting we conclude perceive opportunities

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