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Current science are extremely important in the practice of yoga. Some yoga posture expert 'hand Yoga' is. Mental and physical health with various yoga and pranayama practice of these currencies are also necessary. Practicing yoga pose physical, mental and intellectual benefits are.
Yoga is described in various currencies. Today we are going to discuss here only ordinary mudra . Our body earth, water, fire, air and sky are composed of these five elements. To keep the body healthy is always important to control these elements. Yoga pose by science we can control these five elements. These elements fingers and thumb can be kept under control by.
Ground-up based on the five elements of the body and hands are concerned, given below:

Thumb (Thumb) - Fire element

Index (Index finger) - Air Element
Middle (Middle Finger) - Sky Element
Ring (Ring Finger) - Water Element
Kanishka (Little Finger) - earth elements
 Earth  mudra

earth element


Fold the tip of the thumb to the tip of his little finger while putting the spherical Earth pose afford.
The  mudra is stronger than the earth element and the physical thinness, it ends.
To take advantage of both hands should be able to sit in the lotus posture or chair.
Restraint and tolerance are increasing.
Nikrti stunning face and skin are formed.
Fire / Sun  mudra
sun mudra


The first ring finger bent finger, ring finger to touch the tip of the thumb to the original state.
Now the ring finger thumb to press lightly. Such fire / Sun Current afford.
The  mudra of the day, ranging from 5 to 15 minutes should practice.
Wyktio suffering from obesity to lose weight are useful mudra
Cholesterol lowering increased  mudra are useful for controlling.
The  mudra is the digestive system.
Fear, grief and stress are away.
If the acidity / acidity of the problem so it does not pose.
Water  mudra


Bent ring finger, ring finger, thumb to the front from the front while applying spherical water exchange is made.
The  mudra tends to strengthen the water element and water deficiency diseases are away.
The relief in the urine.
Thirst properly dictates.
People whose skin dry or dry / dry can exchange useful for their lives.
 Air  mudra
prana mudra

The first index finger bent thumb origin (Base) would impose on the State.
Then bent index finger to keep pressing lightly with the thumb. This way air exchange is made.
Are in control of the air element.
Air element of diseases such as arthritis, gas, belching, hiccups, vomiting, Paralysis, Spondylitis, etc., are beneficial for the disorder. the oxygen exchange
Kanishka fingers bent ring finger and two fingers from the front tip of the thumb touching the oxygen exchange is made.
The  mudra of the oxygen that remains in control.
Eye defects are away.
The body's immune power / Immunity increases.
 Pran   mudra

The first index finger bent thumb are set in the original state.

Then spherical ring finger and the middle two fingers bent to touch his nose to the tip of the thumb.
Kanishka finger to keep straight. Such afford Pran  mudra
The mudra controls are the Pran
Pran, due to diseases such as heart disease, hemorrhoids, constipation, etc. are usable  mudra
 Zero  mudra


By bending the middle finger with the tip of his thumb to touch the original state.
Then lightly pressing the middle finger to the thumb.
The other fingers are kept straight.
Such exchange is made zero.
The money stays in control of the space element.
Ear pain and hearing loss are useful in this mudra
Yogi man from ancient times, to achieve a state of meditation and the mausoleum and to awaken Kundalini yoga and pranayama have been practicing yoga pose. Keep your body and mind healthy normal person these actions can practice regularly
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