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16 Natural Weight Loss Tips Backed by Science| daily morning yoga

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Weight Loss Exercises |Daily morning yoga

Weight Loss Exercises

BenefitsofYoga.org readers frequently contact us asking for some miracle biotech cure to help them shed some extra pounds.  While one day there may, in fact, be a “fat pill“, we are still at least a decade away.  In the meantime, excise is still the best method.  Weight loss exercises help individuals to lose weight naturally and that too without any potential harm. When it comes to losing weight, you need to check your daily food intake and dietary habits.
Through, weight loss, you can improve your physical health, concentrate well on work, lead stress-free lives and develop the body’s immunity to certain kinds of illnesses. In addition, weight loss is necessary for keeping the body in proper shape.  It’s common for overweight people to have problems in their life that lead to poor decision making regarding their health.  The most common are drug use, high-stress family or work environments, and low self-esteem.


  • Workout at gym: As an initial start toward weight loss exercises, you may join a gym. Many gyms have physical instructors, who guide joiners on the type of exercises they need to do for weight loss. They instruct on weight-lifting procedures too. These gyms are often well equipped with modern equipment. Weight loss enthusiasts may benefit greatly if they join such a gym, which houses all the equipment meant for an individual’s personal development and health.

  • Aerobics: Aerobic exercises keep the body slim and in shape. Aerobic exercises involve rigorous movements of the body parts. It involves dancing exercises too. These exercises help individuals to gain muscular fitness, flexibility, and agility to the body. For doing aerobics, individuals may either join any gym, which offers such a facility or order the equipment at home. Aerobics help individuals to burn calories. The body is not subject to injuries while doing aerobic exercises.

  • Swimming: Swimming is the best weight losing activity, as it involves stretching of muscles at full length. Individuals may join a swimming club for this purpose. Through swimming, the body gets enough practical exposure to weight loss. Individuals remain slim through swimming and it keeps the skin healthy. You may take to this kind of exercise anytime. Cover at least 2 or 3 laps, while swimming. This helps to burn calories and the body loses weight naturally. Individuals may seek the help of a swimming instructor for enjoying positive results.                                                                          

  • Sports: For potential weight loss,   BenefitsofYoga.org  recommends individuals participate in outdoor sports to quickly shed the pounds. They may join a sports club to play some kind of exercising games daily. Sports take great care of the body, as when you engage yourself in any game, your body releases sweat. Due to this, your body remains fit and does not bear much weight. You may play games such as badminton, tennis or football to keep fit and to lose weight.

  • Walking: As a simple step toward weight loss, it is good to walk for a few hours regularly. Walk about 30 minutes a day particularly in the morning for the body to gain oxygen from the fresh air. A morning walk cleanses the body of toxins, which is necessary for good health. It relieves a person from physical disorders such as anxiety and stress. Due to this, you are able to focus on your weight loss program positively.                           

To benefit from weight loss exercises, you need to take proper care of your body, watch from dietary habits, and remain drug-free. In addition, those who embark on any exercise for losing weight need to seek advice from physical instructors, to save themselves from untoward loss.

4 Reasons Why I Prefer Hot Yoga

4 Reasons Why I Prefer Hot Yoga

My first yoga class was a prenatal yoga class in 2015. It was slow, unheated, seemingly built strength, and alleviated pain in areas I didn’t know existed. It was good. For whatever reason, I didn’t take another yoga class until 2016. It was hot yoga. When I got back from class yoga teacher said: “Your face is so red. Are you sure you’re okay?”  Okay?! I couldn’t wait to get back. Here’s why:


hot yoga

In my first hot yoga class, I could barely touch my toes without feeling pain in my hamstrings and lower back. I learned to bend my knees more and breathe deeply into the posture. After many classes I was able to increase the flexibility in my hamstrings – I had to keep going back to class and be patient with my body. My mantra: In due time.

Focus and  Patience

Speaking of “due time”…. At first, I would set up my mat in the back row watching the advanced practitioners bend into fancy postures and I could still barely stand on one leg. I would quickly compare. Over time, I focused inward on poses, on my state of mind, on me. My mantra: Long, slow breaths.
hot yoga


The first time I felt the burning sensation of sweat dripping in my eyes when I was in a forward fold was seriously uncomfortable. BUT! After I got used to the sweat dripping everywhere, I realized that sweat was cooling me down — and actually detoxifying. Whatever I put in my body the night before, was dripping on my towel (gross!).  My mantra: deal with the sweat.

It’s like a drug: I keep going back

People may disagree with this, and perhaps it’s psychological for me, but I swear….the heat helps me get into postures easier (also, following a plant-based diet helps too). Within hours after completing a hot yoga class, my body feels energized, healthy, strong, flexible. Within 12 hours I psychotically look at the schedule for when I can get back. My mantra: get me back in the heat.

Hot yoga may not be for everyone, but I encourage all to try 10 classes of hot yoga in a row. It just may change your practice and will open your mind to other ways of stretching, meditating, strengthening, twisting, smiling, and living.
hot yoga

yoga for weight loss by baba ramdev| Daily morning yoga

yoga for weight loss by baba ramdev| Daily morning yoga

In spite of doing kapalabhati pranayama regular practice of Daily morning yoga practice and acupressure there is no difference they more to do don't juice of bottle gourd in your morning breakfast after practicing Daily morning yoga be a string bottle gourd juice and if you feel very hungry then make a special porridge the one which we recommend for diabetes.
yoga for weight loss

Also, it controls a weight as well eat fruits drink milk eat light stuff consume more green vegetables in your lunch in dinner also you should have green vegetables and pulse of a green gram you will have to bring changes in your meal and also remember with such changes in the meal.
you will have to bring changes in your lifestyle also bring a few important changes do not sleep for more than 6 hours with such little changes in your daily routine.
 your whole life will be transformed so drink lukewarm water this is the first thing you should do in the morning everyone should drink water after getting them in the morning if you drink lukewarm water it will help to reduce your weight but if drinking lukewarm water does not help you then what you should do drink Triphala water in morning for this soak 2 spoonful of Triphala overnight in plain water by morning all the components will be extracted in the water soak it in overnight in morning boil this soak Triphala in 2 glasses of water then volume reduces to 1/2 a glass filter and drink it you can add few more things if you do not have joint pains then add few drops of lemon few drops of lemon juice and also ginger extract in a small quantity few drops of lemon juice ginger extract and honey mix them all and drink it your weight will definitely be reduced with this home remedy till now we have had thousands of people reduce their weight and therefore all these people have full faith that with the practice of kapalabhati pranayama and with little changes in your lifestyle one can definitely get rid of the problem of obesity.

obesity has to reduce there is absolutely no doubt in this fact just take this home remedy what is that Triphala two spoonful soaked overnight in two glasses of water if stomach is sensitive then soak one spoonful in one glass of water two spoonfuls of Triphala soaked overnight in two glasses of water boil this water in morning when quantity reduces to half a glass add in that Triphala extract few drops of lemon few drops of ginger juice about 10 to 15 drops and one to two spoonful of honey and drink it warm early in the morning itself as soon as you wake up for breakfast drink juice or bottle would after you have practiced Daily morning yoga has Triphala what has to be taken as soon as you get up so you must drink Triphala of water in the morning with few drops of lemon ginger juice honey added in it lukewarm water is also effective in this also one may add drops of lemon ginger juice and honey which will have to reduce your weight then you can also adopt another remedy and one of the most effective remedies is the use of ashwagandha leaves along with bottle gourd juice leaves of Ashwagandha.

now we will tell you to reduce the weight take leaves of ashwagandha for increasing weight the roots of this plant are used leaves are used for reducing the weight eat one leaf of  ashwagandha in morning afternoon and evening with lukewarm water take the one hour before breakfast afternoon lunch and dinner in addition to this drink lukewarm water whenever you feel thirsty although we recommend various abstinence for one month but one has to take these resource seven days only then give a gap of 15 days again take these leaves or seven days regularly after consuming ashwagandha leaves for these 14 days you may check your weight you will find that within a month you will share from 10 to the use of Usher's in the leaves for three to seven days one should eat its leaves for three to seven days twice a day in morning afternoon and evening on empty summer then after I get for fifteen days I can take the same remedy from semesters for one month what they should avoid stop intake of salt it can be consumed in small quantities BP remains low stop the living serious then what should one eat green vegetables milk and fruits etc for nine years have been on this diet only such diet not just removes the excess fat but provides a balance the normal level of fat which is required by our body is maintained properly only excess weight is removed from our body so eat green vegetables milk and fruits and also the leaves of Ashwagandha and also do kapalabhati pranayama and hatha yoga.
Daily morning yoga within a month you may lose 30 to 40 pounds of the excess weight and this will really be a major achievement for you eat leaves of Ashwagandha which reduce the excess fats in no time each for three to seven days then give a gap of for about one month no cereals no salt no sweets no clarified butter eat green vegetables milk and fruits you may say such a diet will automatically reduce the extra pounds but these remedies are for those who put on weight even when they drink plain water for those who have tried many things have been doing morning walks past 10 or 20 years even then there is no difference ashwagandha leaves should be used by them we give primary importance to Daily morning yoga.

yoga for weight loss

Ayurveda also there are many such traditional medicines which can help you shed your excess weight and my main aim is to make this country and the whole world healthy and free from diseases we want your equal support in this obesity affects the stamina of a person working capacity is reduced he becomes very lethargic practice of yoga  will make you more capable more strong and more active slowly your physique will become attractive balanced and healthy this will also reflect directly on your personality in my opinion for an all-round personality development to enhance your capability and stamina to develop self-confidence to improve and enhance your skill and to keep away from all kinds of ailments that is nothing better than you got Bay City a problem from which 20 to 40% of world's youth population and 10 to 20 percent children of our country and of the world are suffering thousands of millions of sufferers may get rid of this problem you may inspire your friends and family members to practice yoga regularly if they want to get rid of this problem I hope this message will spread soon and all the people of this world suffering from the problem of obesity will definitely be benefited because there is only one remedy for this yoga practices  and a natural and balanced way of living always keep your diet balanced and mind joyful practice yoga behaves for half an hour to one hour regularly you will never have to suffer from the problem of overweight I am sure you will never become always you will remain healthy slim trim smart happy and joyful with an attractive personality he will become a unique example and leave a positive impression on this world .

what is Tonglen buddhism mindfulness video| daily morning yoga?

Tonglen Buddhism mindfulness

Tonglen is a contemplative Tibetan Buddhist practice. Tonglen in Tibetan means, “sending and taking” or “giving and receiving”. Judith Leith, the author of Making Friends with Death says that it is designed to “remove the obstacles that stand in the way of our natural impulse towards kindness”, this kindness or compassion starts with making friends, being kind to ourselves and as we do we begin to realize how interconnected we all are. Pema Chodron in Start Where You Are expands on this idea interconnectedness by saying that the idea of making friends with us is the doorway to creating a more compassionate and sane planet. The way we treat ourselves, the way we think about ourselves colors the way we interact with the world around us. She continues, “ Whatever we do for ourselves we do for others and whatever we do for others we do for ourselves.”
Tonglen buddhism mindfulness

The Tonglen practice helps us to see that our thoughts and actions do not happen in isolation, everything we do affects the interconnected web of existence.
When we can learn to relax, relinquish our resistance to the people and events in our lives by accepting how things are, Chodron indicates is the underlying logic of Tonglen. Leith adds that Tonglen turns our self-absorption on its head so that instead of seeing our own needs and importance above others we begin to put others first. It completely reverses the way we tend to live our lives. By taking in what we reject and sending out what we desire becomes the complete opposite to our current new age thinking of getting rid of negativity and taking all that is good.

In order to begin honesty, acceptance, trust and a willingness to change leads us into the practice. Sogal Rinpoche, the author of the now classic Tibetan Book of Living and Dying strongly believes that anyone can do the tonglen practice and that it is the greatest practice in befriending others and us. He continues to say that self-absorption and the insensitivity to others is at the center of our suffering. 
“In starting the mind transforming practice of Tonglen Christine Lonacre in Finding Death and Finding Hope suggests that developing our compassionate motivation to help others allows our own difficulties and illnesses to be grist for the mill. She adds that using Tonglen on our spiritual path reconciles our own personal suffering past and present, transforms personal relationships, prevents and relieves professional burnout and develops in us love, joy, well-being, and peace.
The practice of Tonglen uses the breath to breathe in anything that is painful or undesirable, you let go, accept whatever it is your holding, I the impatience at the barista for being slow to your coffee, anger at the bike rider who ran you off the footpath, the jealousy of a colleague for getting more praise, the disappointment of having your latest article rejected, the frustration when your editor says yes but means no, the restaurant that just doesn’t get what vegetarian means, breathe them in, really connect with them and what it means to be human, breathe it in, take responsibility for your actions and feelings, don’t blame others and as you do ask yourself what do you need to transform these feelings and breathe out that which changes you, what you need, acceptance, understanding, tolerance, patience, joy, love. Breathing in you may visualize or imagine the negative feelings a black cloud, breathing out imagines pure white smoke light clear air but stay with the feelings.
As your meditation continues to bring your understanding to knowing that others feel this way too, you may have someone in mind, a loved one who is in pain, a friend who is struggling with a relationship, feel their pain as if you can feel it in yourself, feel it in others. Breathe in their pain as though you were taking it away from them and as you breathe out to send them what you found you needed, love compassion, strength, then think of all the people around you that you don’t even know and breathe in their suffering and breathe out whatever you naturally intuit will help them. Chodron emphasizes the importance that the suffering is real, untheoretical, heartfelt, honest and vivid.  We don’t have to look far, Iraq, Syria, Remote Australia, in your hometown, at the end of your street. To end the practice accept that what you have done has really been of benefit to yourself, those close to you and those out in the world you don’t know, to all you have included in your practice.”

Paschimottanasana yoga poses And What Are Its Benefits|daily morning yoga


Paschimottanasana yoga poses - method and profit

Spine (Spine) for the purpose of "yoga poses"are flexible. It is often found in individuals who are flexible spine, the more healthy and disease-free life to live. Today we make the spine flexible crucial yoga ' Paschimottanasana' giving information. to bend forward after this asana practice it has been found that the person experiences a change in yourself. There are more difference in their health and temperament. He becomes a more sensible and receptive.
More information is given below on Paschimottanasana  "yoga poses"

Paschimottanasana method of yoga poses

asana yoga poses
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  • A clean, flat place mat or rug to spread this simple practice.
  • Palms Thighs placing feet on the front side sitting spread.
  • Keep both feet planted near each other.
  • Taking his hands raised above the head to breathe.
  • Now slowly bend forward with hands, feet, tries to catch the thumb.
  • Forehead (Forehead) Let's touch the knees.
  • Elbow holding thumbs feet from the ground to try to.
  • Capacity put Bring down the body raised and hands.
  • Raising his hands and bow before the expiration time to breathe.
  • Bowing term knee is likely to come up. To try to keep the knees straight.
  • thigh stomach more beneficial to practice putting.
  • Practice time gradually extended its capacity.
  • To get maximum benefit to empty stomach.

Paschimottanasana yoga poses benefits

  • Waist and hip muscles to strengthen.
  • If the spine becomes flexible and strong.
  • Frozen on the stomach reduces the unnecessary fat.
  • Obesity, constipation, indigestion, hemorrhoids, etc. have to get rid of.
  • Reproductive system that empowers.
  • If back pain lessens.
  • If composure increases.
  • Menstrual disorders in women are away.
  • Special lucrative spiritually.
  • Anger over the persons are helpful in reducing the rage.

While  Paschimottanasana following precautions are necessary:

  • Tilting the pelvis sudden shocks or should not take.
  • Do not attempt to force the head to the knees.
  • Its capacity to seat only. Upon exercise of the simple interval gradually extended.
  • Severe back or spinal problems, consult your doctor or Yoga Poses expert to take it easy.
  •  "Paschimottanasana" also called the Forward Bend "Yoga Poses". After headstand yoga are considered the second most lucrative. Healthy life and to achieve quiet the mind from today to begin the practice of Yoga Poses.

Makarasana yoga poses

Makarasana yoga poses - method and profit

Makarasana total body composition crocodile / week as being similar to "Makarasana 'are called. In English it 'Crocodile yogaPose' are called. Suffering from pain in the waist and shoulders for person are a useful yoga. High blood pressure / Hypertension person to suffer from it are worthwhile.

More information is given below on Makarasana:


  • Makarasana yoga poses benefits
  • Method of Makarasana
  • Same place mat on a clean and easy it is to spread.
  • Lie on stomach said.
  • Start neck pickup and both his hands folded in Elbow on Elbow put it on.
  • Based on the chin, giving palms.
  • Placing pressure on the neck are so spread your Elbow.Elbow has thus been less pressure on the neck and waist.
  • Both legs of the thumb towards another direction opposite to each other and each other's faces foot.
  • Now the entire body relaxed and eyes closed to keep breathing slowly.
  • Makarasana yoga poses and the other way is also the most useful and simple method described here have been.
  • This posture to its capacity. In particular Diseases to long.

Makarasana yoga poses benefits

  • Makarasana yoga poses the following benefits.
  • High blood pressure, asthma, slip disc, neck and back pain worthwhile.
  • There are fixes digestion.
  • Insomnia are away.
  • Blood circulation in the body that fixes.
  • This posture for some time to relax when stressed can do.

What caution Makarasana?

  • Makarasana yoga poses the following caution:
  • This posture may not be excessive pain or discomfort.
  • Hernia complaint does not posture.
  • After this posture for some time to lie back and should certainly Shavasana.
  • Makarasana yoga poses a very simple and useful yoga asanas. While this posture yoga poses expert advice should be no problem.

Gomukhasn yoga

Gomukhasana yoga - method and profit

Gomukhasana while the sum of body size similar to cow's mouth as being 'Gomukhasana' is called. In English it 'The Cow Face Pose' is called. Gomukhasana for women is considered as more beneficial.

Gomukhasana the process, more information on the benefits and precautions are given below:



  • First, place a clean and flat on a mat/mat or yoga mat to give interleave.
  • Chair or sit in Dandasanan said.
  • Now Left (Left) leg Eddie (Ankle) and right (Right) buttocks (Hips) near Bear.
  • Right foot left thigh (Left Thighs), which cross over to this kind of stable knee (Knee) should be up to each other.
  • Now Left (Left) hands back (Back) to take back bent palms upward.
  • Right Hand (Right hand) and right shoulder (Right Shoulder) straight away and on rolling back elbow (Elbow) fold hands tied to the cross. Now both hands to gently pull towards you.
  • Folded up his right hand and put your intelligence upturned.
  • Keep the body upright.
  • Controlled and maintained in this condition stop breathing as for as strength tries.
  • This posture changed hands and feet to five times.
  • Finally Exhaling slowly, respectively, should sit in Dandasanan again.

Gomukhasana benefits

  • The posture of the body well shaped, are made flexible and attractive.
  • This posture can be useful for weight loss.
  • Gomukhasana is extremely beneficial in diabetes.
  • To increase the size of women's breasts are particularly lucrative.

This is beneficial to the disease are given below:
  • Arthritis
  • Sciatica
  • Indigestion
  • Constipation
  • Metal Disease
  • Dyspepsia
  • backache
  • Sexual Disorder
  • Leucorrhoea
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Gomukhasana caution
  • Shoulder, back, neck, hip or knee problems, this sum should not be much.

While this posture yoga expert or doctor immediately if any problem should take.
In the beginning, both hands together behind the back on the force do not catch.
Gomukhasana should increase gradually with practice time. Via: Gomukhasana -Cow Face Pose

Trikonasana Yoga

Trikonasana Yoga - the method and benefits

While yoga triangle body shape Trikonasana (Triangle) is the same reason it is called Trikonasana or Triangle Pose. The most simple and useful for obese people to posture. Trikonasana the regular practice of your stomach, hips, thighs and buttocks excess fat on the frozen can be easily reduced.

Trikonasana the method, more information on the benefits and precautions are given below:

Trikonasana Yoga
Trikonasana Yoga - Law

  • The distance between both feet, leaving 2 to 3 feet should stand straight.
  • Right leg liable to put the fold.
  • By the height of your shoulders and spread both hands beside.
  • Now breathing and liable to the (Right side) bowed. Bowing while keeping an eye out.
  • Right hand leg tries to choose.
  • Left hand (Left hand) and look straight at the sky and put your palms and keep tax.
  • Now back straight back in the second stage and also to practice changing hands.
  • To 20 times the minimum.
  • Taking the time to take breath inside the breath leaving the body with maximum bending moment.

Trikonasana - Benefits

  • This posture of the neck, back, waist and leg muscles strong.
  • If the balance of the body ends.
  • Digestive system are OK.
  • Acidity can get rid of.
  • Anxiety, stress, hip and back pain are disappears.
  • Frozen excess fat on the abdomen and obesity are considered helpful in removing the seat.
  • Toning the body, which creates compelling and flexible.

Trikonasana - Caution

  • Low BP, High BP, migraine, laxatives, neck and back injury, it should not posture.
  • While this posture headache, dizziness or problems such as back pain or yoga expert advice of a doctor should take immediately upon.

Meditation and it parts


Meditation is a mental and spiritual discipline that teaches us, with our mind and soul in a way that we. The true meaning of the things that can not see easily see work Meditation leads to the peace and purifying negative states of our mind, which can lead people to Nirvana, which is the full realization of our divine potential, also known as 
"enlightenment" to achieve.

  • Attitude is the key part of the meditation. When people have a positive attitude towards technology and esta accept the objective and the rationale of meditation, that person is more likely to produce better results than the people who have a negative attitude towards meditation and their conflicts Live Show.
  • Meditation is a process in which you offend your worries, fears and to calm down and quiet, so you that their own mind to order. The practice of ESTA technology will lead to a state of calm and peace in their lives. Not everyone is able to practice meditation correctly. Meditation can be compared with any sport, for example, meditation can be compared to a basketball game, everyone can try to play this sport, but few of them know the rules and the central dogma of the game. And the others just play the game, because they assume it's like. This error leads to a misinterpretation of the actual purpose of meditation and lead to a misunderstanding of its use in psychological terms, it can provoke psychosis (madness). Meditation must be practiced in order to achieve positive results with great discipline and awareness; Otherwise, it may cause problems in the psychological and spiritual well being.
  • Inner self-acceptance is the basis for inner harmony and peace if it does not exist, it is about chaos and disorder in ourselves that is why meditation try to help people to accept themselves, so that they can live in peace. Wanting Each attitude to change, or to manipulate the mind or to force another state of mind Contributes to the non-acceptance and will cause problems. Two other important parts of the mediation is the love and compassion meditation that these two to make possible and develop through capacity are spiritual endeavor .. If During meditation harmony and peace will not be achieved, it can lead to frustration, disappointment and anger transform, and of course misreading the true meaning of meditation are the people performing the same path. 
  • That's meditation is a path leading to our own depths, away from external superficiality to inner knowledge and complete fulfillment .. Meditation frees people from suffering in all its forms and manifestations. Meditation makes people see things in a position, as they really are and not as they appear to be like.

Why meditate? 

  • Some experts Welwood: as Dr. John, who was a therapist and clinical psychologist, therapy and meditation argues that can complement the medical treatment, even if sometimes see these two terms are as opposite terms for many people. Many people resort in this mental discipline to overcome fears, pain, fear, to find answers, motivation, mindfulness and forgiveness, and of course "Enlightenment". Few of the people who. Esta refuge in practice in search of answers, therapy, true love and simplicity in their lives
  • In modern societies, almost everyone wants to find happiness and to liberate any signs of distress. People try almost anything to true happiness, to find many look for this happiness in possession: like cars, electronics, home, etc., other sports, and as a "social", but what is the true path to our inner to meet and empty desires be truly happy? , This does not mean to give up our possessions and friends, but mental and spiritual discipline that helps us to find happiness look: like meditation. But meditation does not help to solve and to escape from suffering. Meditation helps one thing to find a new better way, in a way that makes things easier and simpler. But meditation is safe and adequate for all?

In 1979, in Pune, India, a man who took a three-day Tibetan Buddhist meditation retreat in the mountains of Kathmandu right just to kill himself after his meditation training. When I came back to his meditation class I did not show up to something that is by esta types of mental training not to be alarmed usual. I climbed to the top of the Blue Diamond Hotel and leapt. His Guru (meditation teacher) tried to explain that this man was "born again Even as enlightened mind". (Bhagwan). This is very controversial.
Should a person who just completed meditation training to kill himself? Could something wrong in the way I interpret his meditation training, or he was of mental illness that I might be causing? Or was it the actual interpretation I've got three days after the meditation, but why a disciplinary practice of mind is, would lead a man to kill himself? Was this training appropriated not for these people, I practiced esta technique or wrong, or what could be the cause of his suicide?

Meditation could be dangerous for some people. Since 1970 it is in the West as a way to relieve stress and bring relaxation and even have been dealing with depression use meditation. It has been implemented in classrooms, hospitals and prisons in many parts of the world, including the USA, Australia, Canada and England. And many people assume that meditation is good and safe for all, but even if the meditation is considered to be use only for relaxation and stress reduction. Many gurus in the East people argue that, lowest starting meditation in the West, can meditation to abuse. Sir Dhammanada a Buddhist monk in 2006, said that "no one can  (Nirvana) or healing attain without development of the spirit trough Meditation Meditation is a gentle way of conquering the defilements which contaminate the spirit.."

 Even Dhammananda warned:

  • The practice of meditation has-been abused by people. They want immediate and quick results, so how do you expect quick returns for everything you do in daily life ... the mind has to slow degrees be brought under control and try a should not to reach for the higher states without proper training. If we have of over-enthusiastic young men and women go literally to hear from their minds because you took the wrong attitudes towards meditation. 
  • Many people think that meditation is the mind go blank, or to stop thinking, but meditation is to focus in only one thought (problem) and the search for solutions to gain a better understanding of the idea. Many people believe that meditation just sit and wait for "Enlightenment" by itself and esta May frustration and confusion instead, leading to inner peace and relaxation.
  • The first thing that must be a follower of ESTA do mental discipline is self-acceptance. Acceptance of feelings, thoughts, and the mind itself, will help you to achieve inner peace of mind, but if even completed or acceptance is not changed, it will turn to self-rejection and rebellion against himself.
  • Another problem that many followers of meditation is unconditional love for you. If people do not the unconditional love for themselves, then they will not be able another love. Emotional conflict, confusion and stress to be present in our souls in our everyday world.

Tibetan monks refer to meditation as "GOM" which can be translated Buddhist meditation involves making positive family status "in order to be family." Us: How love, compassion, peace and wisdom to make you feel these States spontaneously and naturally to live in our, and meditation into a way of life. There are many systems (techniques) of meditation according to Tibetan monks

There are only two categories of meditation: Meditation and analytical meditation stabilization.

Stabilizing Meditation.

This system of meditation is used to determine the concentration and lasting peace Finally, in order to gain as "Shamata" increase the aids, focused on care for a long time in a single object, in a calm and relaxing mode. Often Meditation Stabilizing use to focus a single object and meditate, this could be the simplicity of our own breath, a concept, the essence of the wind and the natural world, or just an image without any disturbance.
Stabilization catalog as meditation is one of the most difficult techniques of meditation by the supporters must get your mind and keep it under total control during long time, resulting from the full attention to your only object of concentration. The benefits of meditation esta by the followers of esta systems are that they will be able to learn to fully appreciate their thoughts and ideas, and as a result are more reliable, in harmony with oneself and with the world that surround them life.

Analytical meditation.

The other system of meditation aims to a correct understanding of the actual way to develop something, and finally to "Vipashyana" which helps followers to see the ultimate nature and origin of things to achieve. This meditation technique that you use creative and intellectual thoughts, ideas and koans, the fundamentally important for the purpose of analytical meditation in order to develop critical thinking. The goal of esta meditation system is the progressive elimination of feelings, thoughts, emotions that bring a disaster for the people and replace them with positive and passive state. Also meditation This system has to be treated as a target mental health problems, and it can be used as a therapy. The problem is to find some followers of mind and spiritual practice sometimes refer to as "daydreaming" (McDonald, 11) consisting in a misinterpretation and practice the meditation technique esta esta.
From these two main categorizations derived from meditation techniques and many other systems and each with different methods, purposes and results, but all of them are based in harmony and peace.

Insight Meditation.

Insight Meditation is one of the oldest systems of meditation and the majority of people who have this type of meditation practiced agree that is one of the best ways of meditation. This method was first used by the Buddha, and it is often called 'Vipassana' can be translated to "seeing things as they are"

  • Insight meditation is known, the basic training of the mind and taught in all schools of Buddhism and very popular with Western During the last 50 years. And it will change as a sure path to consciousness and allow us to be free. This form of meditation is the use by many psychologists in the West to treat patients with chronic problems in both areas, mental and spiritual health.
  • Insight Meditation is one of the simplest systems of meditation. And is one of the safest, if it is practiced correctly. If this system of meditation is not inserted correctly and apply it can lead to confusion, and subversive because esta That a system of meditation in some areas of the mind that are very complex, takes. Insight Meditation is bare attention to all the things we do is based. Even if we think that we can do nothing. This meditation system requires "psychologically present" with, to be concentrated, and in whatever happens around us. Observing and analyzing everything in a simpler way, so simple that:
  • When we practice it, we can not believe that everything happens valid whos

The point is of fundamental importance in this form of meditation, you need to sit comfortably and to assure that nothing the concentration.

Transcendental Meditation.

Transcendental Meditation, compare our mind to be like the ocean, because at the top of the ocean water with waves of wind and is at the bottom quietly and passively active. The surface of the mind is active and the conscious mind works quietly and passive creation of thoughts and ideas that, after going to rise to the active surface of the mind. The main principle of Transcendental Meditation is that they compare the mind as a vast ocean where the however are created at the bottom of the ocean and Arise as a bubble and how they arise it bigger and bigger until it than a bubble on the perceived surface of the ocean.

  • For this system of meditation karma the basis thereof. The people who try to seek and find answers on the basis of karma, for example esta system of meditation:
  • Karma from the past life is responsible for the identity of the spirit in this life; by the Spirit in the past life, he gained the level of evolution of life his indication of the current status in life and on the basis of karma from the past, the mind in the present life begins.
  • The influence of karma acts directly on the existence of the human mind and its capabilities, consider, even if the karma is inert. Without the spirit of karma can not be established. One of the most popular koans in this system of meditation often This koan is solved by the term born the spirit of karma and creates karma and karma born of the Spirit, thus creating accounts .. And it can only be said that Karma is the cause of the Spirit and the mind is STI that cause, and turns to an endless cycle.
  • Followers of Transcendental Meditation selected and focus on only one thought (thought right) and the roots and causes of this idea will be searched and analyzed until ITS subtlest state is experienced and transcended. This system of meditation experience is not the same for all, so that the experience is based on the chosen idea. Sometimes the selected although if it is adequately trained, able to see things in a subtle state in a subtle stage, also to hear, touch and feel things is. The training consists of transcendental meditation.The practice of ESTA system of meditation is automatically and easily.

Egocentric fixation leads to negative state. These negative states are hiding in our awareness at different levels there are for May They manifest themselves permanently or occasionally. And if to manifest our soul, mind and body suffer: such as depression and jealousy. Meditation shows the state of egocentric fixation and frees people from suffering because people are able to see more clearly their negative states.

  • Finally, by ignoring our conflicts, problems and all negative thoughts and feelings unacceptable, they will cause conflicts, chronic stress, stress, fears, neuroses and physical illness, and finally madness. These negative states and remain relevant until something is done: for example, a suitable employment of meditation. They are the causes of suffering in humans in modern societies. That's why many Western people are looking for spiritual and mental peace that they relieve suffering.
  • People who learn meditation practice less themselves and unrealistic expectations of other people, so they do not get disappointed and suffering. The awareness of how things are connected with love and compassion for all, as "Enlightenment", the result of a Mahayana Buddhist practice is known.
  • Misunderstanding of meditation can lead to frustration, anxiety, frustration, anger and madness, is why it is so important to interpret the meditation in the right way to achieve peace and harmony in both the soul and the spirit. Also, it is crucial to choose the appropriate technique of meditation ACCORDING to goals, lifestyle staff, and the most important intellectual and mental aptitude.
  • Meditation does not help to solve problems or run away from it, but also helps to see things as they really are. This helps the right solution to solve the problem. And not to hide it, because it will only get worse if it is not managed in an appropriate manner.
  • A misinterpretation of meditation can lead to many errors, since many techniques of meditation that stimulates parts of the brain are very fragile and can be easily disturbed if the meditation is not fully understood. Also manages part of the key in meditation is self-acceptance. Accept yourself just who you are, you will help to achieve your goals not only in meditation but in every aspect of your life. And if self-acceptance is not achieved to carry out self-rejection and low self-esteem. Also an integral part of the meditation is unconditional love, because unconditional love can lead you to live in peace with your soul and spirit and the world that surrounds you.
  • Also take in count that each meditation technique may be safe for everyone, when practiced properly followed and the risks of not succeed, is low because the only risks in meditation by misunderstandings, misinterpretations of the techniques, spiritual or disease causes .


Suryanamaskar (Sun Salutation Yoga) - the method and benefits

Sun in India are considered to be the figurehead of the knowledge and power. The daily pattern of worship of the sun are coming ongoing order. Sun God and the wisdom of yoga to achieve energy 'suryanamaskar' are used. suryanamaskar which in itself is a complete practice asana, pranayama, mantra and meditation are perfect system. suryanamaskar a simple and thorough exercise and Multi-functional very use-full whose meteoric our lives, make healthy and dynamic.

More information is given below on suryanamaskar:

suryanamaskar Yoga benefits 
suryanamaskar do?

suryanamaskar are a total of 12 seats. The physical situation and the relationship to be 12 to 12 amounts are claimed. This is the most auspicious time to Suryanamaskar  sunrise. If possible, clean airy space tend to move to the sun than the benefit. It would also be at sunset. Denied time, it can be done at any time of day, your stomach must be empty.

Suryanamaskar  the order are as follows:

  1. Pranamasana: to stand up straight and feet on both feet together to keep from each other. Eyes off the soles of both hands from each other chest  and mix in the middle. Namasakar  to hold the currency. This posture has the benefit of increasing the concentration and mental peace.
  2.  Hasta Uttanasana :Now both hands elbow and took over the straight  head. Both hands placed on the edge of the width of your shoulders. Now, hand, head and body and turn back the capacity. This posture is affected by the digestive system. Arm, shoulder and spine are the strength. Removing excess weight and obesity are beneficial.
  3. Hastapaadasana: Now slowly bend toward the front. Keep both hands on the side of the foot touches the ground. From the knee to the forehead attempt. Mind you, the knee should remain straight. It reduces excess fat on the abdomen are frozen, remove constipation that makes the spine flexible and strengthens the digestive system.
  4. Aekpaadprasarnaasana: now both legs below the knees, palms placed on the arm. Left foot, right foot soles with constant maximum stretched backwards give your intelligence. Left knee twist. The balance of the body to retain the same. The intelligence behind his head and folded upward and back command (curve) up. Sky / ceiling and views. The posture of the foot muscles strong. Nervous system (Nervous System) are balanced. 
  5. parvatasana: Now Left foot right foot behind the mix. Bum (Hips) to give up and pick. Both hands placed between the front head bowed. Elbow knees with his hands and feet to maintain a straight back like Mount. foot to attempt to land. This asana strengthens the hands and feet are the nerves and spinal cord.
  6. Ashtanga Namaskara: now gradually inclined downward and fingers of both feet, both knees, both palms, chest and chin touches the ground with eight members. This asana strengthens the muscles of the limbs and waist.
  7. Bhujangasana: Now bring the hip down to the cold-blooded. Elbow to direct the hands and head and back to back like upturned command. View towards the sky. The posture of the body is similar to snake came Bhujangasana it says so. This posture is the spinal cord are flexible. Body and digestive system are breeding benefit.
  8. Parvatasana: Now again the head and back straight Parvatasana (point 5) the action is repeated.
  9. Ashwsnchalanasn: Now Left leg with both hands between Ashwsnchalanasn (point 4) can do.
  10. Padhstasn: Now put both hands on the arms of foot Padhstasn (point 3) would do.
  11. Hasta Uttanasana: Now both hands, head and body backwards bend  Hasta Uttanasana (point 2) are repeated.
  12. Pranamasana: joining of both hands placed on the chest Pranamasana (point 1) to make.Such semi-circle of Suryanamaskar  are completed. In the practice of full circle in pedestal No. 4 and 9 on the back foot, ready to take the place of the right foot and right foot in place to keep steady. We can practice dream Suryanamaskar  capacity.
Suryanamaskar  What are the benefits?
Suryanamaskar  are a simple and versatile yoga. Suryanamaskar  diverse benefits arising from the information given below:

  • Suryanamaskar  just to have the benefit of the 12 seats.
  • At sunrise the morning on empty stomach to Suryanamaskar  bones get Vitamin D from sunlight, causing bones to become stronger.
  • Body relaxation, the massage and joint and muscle Suryanamaskar  for consolidating good sum.
  • Suryanamaskar  to give the body energy and heat are flow Nadi.
  • Suryanamaskar  the eye sight'are fine.
  • If the body becomes flexible.
  • Are helpful in weight loss.
  • Hair loss and graying are reduced.
  • Like all systems of the body - the digestive, respiratory, reproductive, nervous and Endocrine gland are balanced.
  • With Vitality provides blood flow to the brain.
  • After 40 days of confinement Suryanamaskar  are useful for reducing belly.
  • Provides peace of mind and patience.
  • Suryanamaskar  What precaution?
  • The following should be taken into Suryanamaskar :
  • Fever, joint swelling should not be Suryanamaskar .
  • Uncontrolled hypertension, hernia, severe heart disease, severe dizziness and spine should not Suryanamaskar  patient.
  • 4 months after the time of menstruation and pregnancy should not Suryanamaskar .
Today many well-known Celebrity  Suryanamaskar  to keep themselves fit, the regular practice. All members benefit from Suryanamaskar  so 'whole exercise' is. Physical and mental benefits that regular exercise should be.

shashankasana yoga - method and profit

                    shashankasana yoga - method and profit

shashankasana body in yoga asanas from being similar to the size of the rabbit 'shashankasana' and in English 'Hare Pose' are called. Back pain and neck pain are easier to remove it helpful. Asthma / Asthma Disease, Diabetes / Diabetes and heart disease are the sum of the individual useful.

shashankasana method of yoga, benefits and cautionary information is given below:



  • First, place a clean and flat on a mat / mat or yoga mat to give interleave. 
  • Now go sit in Vajrasana. Click here to learn how to Vajrasana sitting - Vajrasana Yoga Practice
  • After sitting in Vajrasana breath taking both hands raised above the head straight.
  • Now inhale slowly without leaving hands folded until then leaning forward until your forehead (Forehead) does not touch the ground.
  • Elbow hand and touch the ground should be.
  • While stopped breathing capacity (Kunbhak) remained in this position.
  • Return to the starting position while breathing slowly.
  • Its capacity repeated this ten times.

Different method

  • Sitting in Vajrasana.
  • Behind the back right-hand (Right hand) from the left wrist (Left wrist) holding.
  • Take a long deep breath and then breathe slowly, leaving his ass (Hips) taken without the front side and head bent forward to touch the ground.
  • As far as strength  breathing stopped and remained in this position.
  • Now breathe slowly return to the starting position.

shashankasana - Benefits

  • The body has become strong and flexible.
  • Disorders does work.
  • The digestive system is activated.
  • If constipation away.
  • Frozen on the abdomen are helpful in removing excess fat reduces obesity.
  • Asthma / Asthma Disease, Diabetes / Diabetes and heart disease are the sum of the individual useful.
  • Anger, fear, rage and grief etc. are reducing emotional imbalance.

shashankasana- Caution

  • In the stomach and head should not be a problem this sum.
  • Dizziness, high blood pressure, shortness of slip disc hernia and when not to use it.
  • While the yoga and yoga expert opinion of a doctor immediately if any problem should take.

With practice this yoga should increase the time gradually. This posture by day, you can stay away from dementia and may be good for your memory.