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The Ideal Balanced Diet: What Should You Really Eat? 
This page is dedicated to helping you achieve your healthy weight loss goals by using a healthy balanced diet of foods that you like.  By reading the comprehensive dieting information on this page and others, you will not only learn what a balanced diet plan is but also be able to lose weight correctly.

Getting a balanced diet plan is one of the most important goals when trying to lose weight correctly.  However, many people usually forget it and attempt unusual diet plans that in fact move you further away from a balanced diet.

Please don't get confused by the diet plan information that we all see on TV.  The only way to have long term success is to adopt a healthy balanced diet.  Pills, powders and even surgeries will not get you the safe long term benefits of just following a balanced diet plan of the foods that you like.

In addition, achieving a healthy balanced diet plan that you can lose weight on is actually a realistic goal!  You only need to be armed with a little information on what a healthy balanced diet plan is.  This page and its associated links will give you the dieting information and balanced diet information that will help you lose weight correctly.  This information will also allow you to build long-term healthy diet habits that will last the rest of your life.

By keeping your diet plan balanced, you can reduce your risk for chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke and certain cancers!

Recent studies on balanced diets, healthy diets, and healthy weight loss research have found are some interesting facts:

  • It is predicted that in the next ten (10) years, food-related diseases will replace smoking-related diseases as our top killers among Americans.
  • 66% of Americans are overweight.
  • A study reported that our children may have a shorter life span than ours!
  • The incidence of weight-related diabetes has skyrocketed in children and adults.
Many experts feel that this is an epidemic in our society. Learning about a balanced diet and how to lose weight correctly will help.

Keys to a Balanced Diet Plan

The Ideal Balanced Diet: What Should You Really Eat?

  • Know the Balanced Diet Ratios: 20% Protein; 50% Carbohydrates; 30% Fat.

A balanced meal is one that consists of at least 20% protein, no more than 50% carbohydrates and no more than 30% fat. 

  • Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables daily.

What would a balanced diet plan be without fruits and vegetables?  The latest research suggests eating five a day--2 servings of fruit and 3 servings of vegetables.  For vegetables, try to choose dark-green leafy vegetables.  For fruit, in general, the "brighter" the color, the more nutrient rich they are. 

  • At least three balanced meals per day.

By eating at least three meals per day, you avoid your body's self-protection mechanisms that can slow your metabolism down.  See below for what happens when you eat less than the minimum.

  • Read the Nutrition Label.

This helps you see the portion size along with the amount of fat, carbohydrates, and protein.  You will be surprised how often something that seems like it should be a single serving is, in fact, two or more!  It's also common that foods that you normally eat, like bread in a sandwich, have portion sizes that are actually smaller than you would expect.  
Notice that these facts are only for one slice!          
You would need to double it to get the amount for your typical sandwich!

  • Don't excessively fear fat.

Fat is actually part of a balanced diet.  To get a balanced diet, you should choose low-fat choices more often.  But your body actually needs fat to live!  So don't fear it.
Limit high-calorie foods like french fries, cookies, oils, and spreads.
You may even find that having that mayonnaise on your sandwich might bring you closer to a balanced diet plan but still keep that great taste.  In fact, you may also find that doing without it is just as fine.

  • Choose sensible portions.

Drinking a 20 oz. soda can be 2 or more servings in a balanced diet.  Look at the labels for confirmation.  Also, always avoid "super-sizing" your meal.  That is the fastest way not to achieve a balanced diet.

  • When eating out, order the small size or split.

Always choose the small size.  Not only will you save a little money, it will help you keep your eating under control and help you maintain a balanced diet.  To "create" a sensible portion, don't hesitate to split the meal with a friend.  Finally, don't hesitate to take a doggy bag.

  • If you drink alcohol, drink moderately.

Very simply: alcohol has a lot of calories! Be careful.

How to get a Balanced Diet Plan that can help you can lose weight

Now that you have some idea of what a balanced diet plan is, let's see how you can extend it to lose weight correctly.

  • Know your Ideal Weight.

You can use a free weight loss calculator to calculate your Body Mass Index such as this one to help you determine how much weight you need to lose.  The Body Mass Index calculation is a worldwide standard method of calculating general fitness.  By knowing your ideal weight, you can create a balanced diet plan that helps you lose weight correctly.

  • Establish a modest goal.

You can't achieve a balanced diet or lose weight correctly without a goal.  Set a goal to lose some amount of weight by a given date.  Without a goal, you can't measure your weight loss success. Also, the achievement of your goal will make you proud of your diet plan and will drive you to future weight loss success.

  • Start slowly.  Think to the long term.

Rome wasn't made in a day.  Losing weight or getting a balanced diet shouldn't be that way either.  Move slowly to your balanced diet plan and you will help yourself get adjusted to new habits that will last a lifetime.  You should not try to lose more than a pound or two per week.  Trying to do more than two pounds can force you to not eat a balanced diet and will most likely cause you to fail.  You don't need that type of discouragement.  Don't do that to yourself.  Make tiny steps instead.

  • Know about your Basal Metabolic Rate.

The Basal (not Basil--like the spice) Metabolic rate is the number of calories that you burn each day just living.  You can use a free tool to calculate how many calories you need to just live to calculate your number.  This number helps you understand how much you can eat each day to maintain a balanced diet but also lose weight or maintain your weight.

Very simply, if you eat more than this number, you will gain weight.  If you eat less than your number, you will lose weight.  No magic involved.  It's just that simple.

  • Be physically active each day.

Even if it is only walking, you need to make some physical activity part of your daily routine.  Use the free tool to see how many calories are burned for a given exercise or activity to determine which of your favorite activities can burn the most number of calories.  But don't overdo it.  Once again, you need to try to establish life-long habits here.  This isn't a race.  Move at your own pace.

  • Keep a Food Journal.

How do you really know you are eating a balanced diet if you don't journal your foods?  At a minimum, your food journal should have the name of the food, its total calories and the number of grams of fat, protein, and carbohydrates.  Using this information, you can calculate just about all the information that you need.  If you use a free tool to calculate your basal metabolic rate, you will have the most important elements for achieving your balanced diet and losing weight.
Keep saturated fats and cholesterol's low.
Frankly, eating more of these types of foods increases your chances of getting some of the serious illnesses that our society has.  Reading the label will help you.  Once you use a free Basal Metabolic Rate calculator to find how many calories you burn just living, you will be able to read the Nutrition labels and really understand how out of balance your diet could be.

  • Be careful of common food substitution mistakes

A common mistake is to substitute fries for a salad.  While this helps get you more vegetables in your diet, be careful of the amount of fat and calories in the salad's dressing. It may turn out that the dressing boosts the number of calories over the amount if you just ate french fries!

Balanced Diet Information for Children

Consult some of our links for more information on how to help children achieve a balanced diet.  In general, here are a few pointers:

  • Children over 6 need to use many of the same rules for adults--just in much smaller portion sizes.
  • Lead your children by example.Your children learn how to eat by watching you.  If they never see you eat vegetables, they will learn that habit too.
  • Children generally need 60 minutes of physical activity daily.Remember that some of this activity will be at school.  However, you should look at this as a way to increase your exercise level too.  Even if you aren't a sports fan, go outside and throw a ball around or walk to the nearest park with your children.  Better yet, find some activity that you all enjoy.  Not only will you lose weight correctly, you will have a much better relationship with your children.

Is there a Minimum Number of Calories in a Balanced Diet?

The simple answer is yes.  This may sound funny, but a balanced diet plan actually requires you to eat!

Through centuries of feast and famine, our body has developed a natural defense:  It will slow down your basal metabolic rate if it thinks it's starving.  This is our survival instinct.

If you aren't eating a balanced diet or are inconsistent with your diet plan and exercise your body can think that it's starving on the days you burn significantly more calories than you eat.  Its reaction will be to slow down your metabolic rate.  Making the situation worse, on the days that you eat more calories than you burn your body will store all the calories you eat because it's waiting for the next time you starve!

In general, you should eat a balanced diet of more than 1,200 calories per day if you are a woman and 1,500 calories per day if you are a man.


most of us get so caught up in our own thoughts we brewed all

the memories of the past over our expectations in the future and where

on able to concentrate be in the here and now focused when you attention is scattered and fragmented you would be affected your life circumstance

whereas if you're able to collect your attention and have one point and focus the more you can control your lives and it can be as powerful as using a

magnifying glass to concentrate sunlight at that one strategic point

it is the fundamental need to have the mind to move to deflect from thought to thought and ancient yogis recognizing this quality of the mine to

move develop techniques to clean it to move toward a particular direction in

fact the Yoga Sutras define  yoga as the means by which you can learn to

control the mind there by discovering your true nature it is also arguably the most important purpose a performing in yogic postures .

practicing dharana  of focus

in each posture will tighten the reins if you're galloping mind

 every asanas  and in fact is the first basic training for such concentration

it is here that the mind learns to become subdued and it is within the depth of pose that you Burden mind from its relentless chattering and learn to surrender to the present moment

all postures practiced mindfully and with the coordination of breath and movement improve one's ability to concentrate but certain yogic postures such as inversion  are balancing postures drive you too high to be concentration you have no choice but to slow down and your attention turns from endless to do list toward the rhythm of your breath to the movement and to the and nature of thoughts. but maintaining a posture requires strength, flexibility ,effort and intention but trying to execute an advanced posture merely on the strengthen your muscles are the flexibility of your body can be rather taxing it may take you years to reach a posture.

however by practicing dharana now focus in tiny a practice begins to take

on a meditative quality here do you must establish a link between the mind and the body by focusing on your breath and the details of a posture consciously inhaling and exhaling will not only route to deeper in each

posture but if you can control your you can control your mind

some asanas and Pranayam  list for brain

these asanas and Pranayam is very useful for  student and who working in office and who do the mental work. if you do regularly these  asanas and Pranayam your brain increase and your catching power will enhance and you learn quickly all work will be remember ..

Bhramari pranayama (Bee Breath):

Bhramari pranayama
source from here


source from here


source fromhere


bhujang asana




source from here  


source from here


source from here



Medha shakti

Medha shakti

Medha shakti(Medha power)

Medha power  an unbroken stream of energy from the turning circle is Sahasrara. The body is one of the most influential and important forces; Mental strength, intelligence and memory depend on it. Medha power for memory and other brain functions, "food". To maintain and strengthen the intellect strength is of great importance.
Medha power quickly, crying, screaming, thinking and anxiety, excitement, stress, congestion, intercourse, strong emotions, is used by empty chatter. Anger, hatred, jealousy, unresolved conflicts, that we carry with us from past feelings of revenge and resentment weaken and destroy it.
We, inner peace, joy and contentment in God is faith, our thoughts quieting, relaxation of body and mind through the power of our intellect strengthening. Therefore, the overall balance for the yoga exercises and calming effect on body and mind, the power of which, on the positive impacts. Thus, Sarvangasana (shoulderstand) Viparītkaranī currency (energy regeneration pose), Yoga Pose (forward bend, sitting on heels) and Shashankāsana (green) Shirshāsana (headstand), as all the inverted asanas are particularly beneficial. Agnisāra action, breathing, concentration and meditation practices to strengthening the intellect. Positive thoughts, speech and actions through, put it in a nutshell - it also praises mental and spiritual strength, presence, worship and service, singing, reading of the Holy Scriptures, prayer, recitation of mantras is supported through.
Cool ideas and intellect is a very valuable technique to strengthen Mauna (silence) is. Mauna for complete peace of mind and helps us reach deep meditation.
Medha Shkti recommended to strengthen the food is almond milk. It is also beneficial for headaches and fatigue, and concentration and memory to boost performance is an excellent drink.
Take 10-15 unpeeled almonds and glazed or fired very strongly that a water-filled pottery bowl soak them overnight in water (must be able to take in pottery - clay still breathing should be able to take). The next morning peel almonds and grind them to a fine paste. Add a teaspoon of honey in a glass of warm milk (or as desired) and stir in the ground almonds. About half an hour before breakfast slowly drink almond milk.
Some people are unable to drink milk. In this case, one can crush in a mortar fresh mint leaves, or cut into a processor. Place minced leaves in a glass of warm water and cover glass and mix thoroughly by vigorous shaking. You can then strain the liquid, but it is not absolutely necessary. Add a teaspoon of honey and drink sip slowly. As well as this, slowly and thoroughly, peeled and soaked overnight in water was nuts, chewing gum. Just 10 days after you drink your body and mind to be aware of how good it is.
Medha power of the mind also become active and can produce restlessness and excitement. It's like fire, is a strong force. It is activated once its movement can not be stopped so easily. Therefore, sometimes the intellect and the recession must be cooled power. And it is also a symbol for strength and activity, during which a worship Shiva, symbolic it is sprinkled with water to cool the cause.